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Author: Arno Yeramyan

A brief history of video conferencing

The definition of video conferencing as well as the history of video conferencing go back further than we imagine.

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Business referrals and how to ask for them

Referrals are absolutely crucial for solo talents doing any kind of work. They enable us to get better matches with clients that are on the same page with us.

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How to start an emergency fund as a freelancer

With a bit of planning and budgeting, we as solo professionals can set up our own emergency savings in order to avoid being overwhelmed with financial challenges.

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5 reasons why freelancers should draw agreements with clients

While a prosperous and long lasting freelancing career depends on many moving parts, one of the indispensable ingredients of it is securing your projects by freelancing agreements. 

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How to set up an all-in-one home office for your solo business

Not knowing how to create an efficient work space at home is a common problem freelancers face. Here are some useful tips on how to set up the ideal home office!

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When and how to ask for payment upfront as a freelancer

Issues with freelancer payment options could lead to inconsistent income and financial anxiety, which is one of the biggest reasons why some freelance careers have setbacks in their growth.

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Who decides payment terms – freelancer or client?

Payment terms are the relevant section of the service contract between the talent and the client that defines how and when talents get paid. As a freelancer, you must ensure you get your payment on... read more.

How working from home can improve your life

What are some of the reasons why independent professionals in growing numbers choose remote work? Is it the long office hours, toxic work environment or endless commuting? No matter what the reason... read more.

Building your freelancer retirement plan in the US

As freelancing and working as a solo professional became increasingly popular in the US over the last years, more people started to put in more time and effort to plan their personal retirement. Se... read more.

8 tips for solo talents to stay healthy and happy

Doing solo work comes along with many perks, from having a flexible work schedule and not having to commute to being your own boss. Nevertheless, living the life of a freelancer is not always a pie... read more.