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Author: Bilge Özensoy

Talent Talks #3: Meet journalist, content curator and community manager Hismaldy Santos

On this episode of Talent Talks, our exclusive series where we invite solo talents from the Ruul community to have a chat about their journey, we are welcoming Hismaldy Santos, a solo community and... read more.

All about Ruul’s new Employer of Record (EOR) service

Ruul now rolled out its brand new Employer of Record (EOR) service for organizations that would like to hire employees in different parts of the world but refrain from opening up new entities in ot... read more.

What is autonomy and why it matters for work-life balance

The Great Resignation has taken the world by storm with long-lasting (if not permanent) effects. Organizational psychologist Professor Anthony Klotz, who had foreseen the Great Resignation and coin... read more.

Meet digital nomads Arijana Tkalčec and Matej Špan from “Shipped Away”

It takes a little courage and some solid adaptation skills among other things to leave your home and set off on a life of travel and adventure, renowned nowadays under the title “digital nomadism... read more.

What does the overturning of Roe v. Wade entail for the workplace?

On June 24, the US Supreme Court announced the horrifying decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, the constitutional basis of the right to abortions for women and people who can get pregnant. Medical auth... read more.

How to lead an environmentally conscious freelancing career

The question of how we can individually help the planet is much debated and multi-layered. It goes without saying that a significant part of climate change is a result of industrial practices, and ... read more.

Uses of AI for freelance and modern work

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained popularity in recent years and is expected to become an essential tool in achieving success for companies worldwide. Countless statistics suggest how artific... read more.

Gig economy jobs vs freelance work

The gig economy is steadily on the rise, with estimates that by 2027 about half of the US population will have engaged in gig work. The variety and quick turnaround of gig economy jobs appeal to ma... read more.