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Author: Ceylin Güven

Top employee benefits your company should consider

Find out how you can meet employee demands, and what kind of benefits you should offer to improve employee engagement, retention and satisfaction in your workplace.

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Black women leaders fighting racism and discrimination at work

Despite facing numerous obstacles, black women leaders have been continuing the fight to break barriers and fight racism in the workplace.

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Promoting religious diversity in the workplace

Explore how to promote religious diversity in the workplace to create an inclusive and respectful work environment for employees of all faiths.

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Wellness and employee wellbeing at work

Employee wellbeing encompasses many different dimensions–anything from physical, to emotional, to even financial.

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Benefits of remote work and freelancing for refugees

Where traditional in-person work settings fail, freelancing and remote work might be able to solve the problem of refugee employment.

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Asynchronous work: Benefits and best practices

Especially with the rapid rise of working remotely, asynchronous work arrangements have been growing more and more popular. Compared to traditional arrangements, it provides a great way to accommod... read more.

How to onboard freelancers compliantly

Solo work is rapidly becoming one of the most popular work models of our age, which is why freelancer onboarding is an important addition to your company skillset.

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Recruiting for IT: Guide to hiring the best tech talents

Hiring the right tech talent can be a challenging task, especially considering the turbulent situation of the tech industry.

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Benefits of remote work for disabled workers

Remote work opened up many opportunities to enter the workforce for people with disabilities .

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Getting started with solo work in the nonprofit industry

Freelance nonprofit jobs have been gaining significant popularity over the last few years. 

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