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Author: Deniz Öksüz Fer

Talent Talks #1: Meet indie game dev, Ivan Shyika

Meet Ivan Shyika, an indie game developer and a YouTuber from Ukraine and members of the Ruul community of solo talents. We have invited Ivan to join us for a conversation as part of our new dialog... read more.

Rimuut has rebranded as Ruul and here is why

Rimuut has rebooted and is proud to announce that it will continue its journey with new features and by the name of Ruul. 

... read more.

Smart, speedy and sleek: Meet the new Ruul dashboard

We have exciting news for fellow and future Ruulers–upon your feedback and requests, we have renovated and polished up the Ruul dashboard, where thousands of talents and organizations all around ... read more.

Lalit Mangal from Airmeet: “Remote life and virtual events are now here to stay”

Meet our partner, Airmeet: an all-in-one interactive virtual meeting platform, which just like us at Ruul provides a unique and effective solution for both solo talents and remotely operating busin... read more.

Rooted with Ruul: Meet “storyteller” Michael Burns

Ever since its establishment, Ruul has grown into a beautiful and expansive community, including freelance professionals from many fields from IT to creative writing, as well as diverse locations a... read more.

Freelance work reigns despite the economic uncertainty

Coronavirus pandemic which persists to challenge us all on a global scale has upset the balances in the business world as in many other domains. In the scope of social isolation measures, thousands... read more.

Motivating things to do at home during Covid-19

Coronavirus pandemic has changed our understanding of time, our day-night routine, and our relationship with the concept of home. Stuck at home, in the monotonous setting of our same old living spa... read more.

Activities for your kids while you work from home

Home is the new office for millions of people around the world due to the physical distancing rules coerced by Covid-19. On top of the difficulties of adapting to this new reality, with kids now sc... read more.

Social distancing and the state of coworking spaces today

What is social distancing? It simply refers to a set of interventions and measures by staying physically distant to hinder the spread of contagious diseases. The term has entered our lives with the... read more.

9 museums offering virtual tours and online exhibitions

Sadly, the Coronavirus pandemic has locked us out of cultural institutions and their intellectually satisfying environments. But, that doesn’t mean that we have to be deprived of arts and ideas p... read more.