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Author: İpek Tüzün

Tips for more productive remote meetings

Nishchal Dua, Director Of Marketing at Airmeet, shares their top three tips to run an efficient and productive meeting for those who work remotely.

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How much does a freelancer make?

Almost anyone can earn money freelancing. The only prerequisites are having the skill to do work (or learn on the job) and a computer or internet connection. If you’ve ever considered doing freel... read more.

Top 8 podcasts for web developers

Listening to podcasts are a great way to learn about new technologies. One of the best ways to gain knowledge is through listening. You can listen while you drive, clean the house, take a shower (n... read more.

In freelancing, using AI is becoming commonplace, but freelancers are worried

Want to know how artificial intelligence will impact the future of freelancing? Artificial intelligence will change the world of freelancing in some surprising ways that are not necessarily bad. Fi... read more.

It’s time to talk about late payment issues

We all know very well the benefits of working on your own terms, the freedom to travel to any part of the world, the comfort that comes from determining the working conditions yourself… Just as w... read more.

Will AI increase the productivity of freelancers?

Three popular topics: The future of work, AI, and freelancing Inarguably the pace of technology is rapid. In a mere five to ten years, the way we conduct business will be changing. The rise of digi... read more.

7 great platforms for freelancers to save time and make more money

Most freelancers love what they do. That’s just a fact. We get to do what we love, for whom we love to work, at our own pace and schedule. While freelancing offers a tremendous degree of free... read more.

How to learn python programming for beginners?

Ask a millennial what Python is, and the chances that their response refers to a Python snake from the Pythonidae family are very bleak. Python is the most versatile, accessible, and sought-after p... read more.

What you need to know about becoming an independent contractor legally

Are you an Independent contractor? According to the IRS, someone self-employed should be treated as independent contractors if they are in business for themselves. In other words, someone who is se... read more.

9 expert tips on freelance contracts

A freelance contract defines how much the freelancer will be paid, what they will get in exchange for their pay, and any possible consequences if any of the parties fail to perform to their require... read more.