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Author: Işınsu Unaran

Ruulmates on the mic #2: Meet the Queen of Coworking, Ece Kurtaraner

This time on our exclusive interview series with our partners Ruulmates on the Mic, we welcome Ece Kurtaraner, a solo Community and Events Consultant based in Manchester.

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IR35: Ultimate guide to UK’s new tax law for businesses & contractors

Master the ins and outs of IR35 with our ultimate guide for businesses and contractors.

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DAC7 Directive: A comprehensive look at the EU’s latest tax regulation

EU’s latest tax regulation DAC7 directive expands the existing tax transparency rules to digital platforms.

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Talent Talks #2: Meet Mehmet, a senior photographer & post-producer

We’ve invited Mehmet Turan; a photographer and post-producer from Turkey, to give his insights on setting up and running a solo business.

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Ruulmates on the mic: Meet Craig Cannings from FreeU

An insightful conversation with Craig Cannings, the co-founder of Freelance University on the current landscape and the future of freelancing.

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Quiet quitting: Is it just a trend?

Throughout history, the circumstances of workers and what is expected of them as opposed to their wages has been a topic of discussion. In this instance, we are just seeing a new generation vocaliz... read more.

Recontextualizing the career break

We are now living at a time where the value of a person’s life and its connection to a career is being discussed from a more balanced angle. 

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Neurodiversity at work and how to accommodate it

There has been a significant rise in attention paid to mental health at workplaces. There are many discussions going on about diversity, inclusivity and wellbeing for both employers and talents. Ho... read more.

Crossing a line: Roe v. Wade and bodily autonomy

On June 24th, 2022, a line was crossed; a lot of things changed, and it led to a much needed contemporary discussion about bodily autonomy. The US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade... read more.