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Raise your freelance rates with these tips

As a freelancer, having to decide on your own rates can be a cause of financial anxiety. However, one of the greatest advantages of freelancing is that you have the flexibility and freedom to rearr

How to deal with invoice disputes as a freelancer

This is presumably relatable to almost all freelancers working in any field: we put in all the work and effort to offer the ultimate product and services for our clients, issue them an invoice, the

Invoicing and payment terms every freelancer must know

You’ve probably been there before. Arguing over a price that you thought was already agreed on, or emailing a client for the seventh time about a late payment. If you haven’t already been there

Strategies to improve cash flow for freelancers

Making sure that you have money in your pocket should be priorities one, two, and three when you work as a freelancer. The problem is that all the responsibility for dealing with customers, sending

How much does a freelancer make?

Almost anyone can earn money freelancing. The only prerequisites are having the skill to do work (or learn on the job) and a computer or internet connection. If you’ve ever considered doing freel

What you need to know about becoming an independent contractor legally

Are you an Independent contractor? According to the IRS, someone self-employed should be treated as independent contractors if they are in business for themselves. In other words, someone who is se

9 expert tips on freelance contracts

A freelance contract defines how much the freelancer will be paid, what they will get in exchange for their pay, and any possible consequences if any of the parties fail to perform to their require

12 simple freelance invoice templates

Freelancers often find themselves frustrated by the need to create invoices. It takes time away from the work they like doing, and it’s not always clear how to price their work. We know sometimes

5 self-employment tax forms you need to know

What Tax Forms Do You Need for Self-Employment? Being a self-employed freelancer is the dream of many people. However, the dream might turn into a nightmare if you don’t have sufficient knowl