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15 companies hiring remotely in 2022

With the growing trend in remote work, you might be wondering: What are the best remote companies to work for, and what perks do they offer? In this article, we’ll be talking about the top indust

How to attract talents in the YOLO economy

Suppose you are a team leader in a company where there is a necessity to find creative freelancers, or a business owner who needs a novel talent management approach to attract skilled professionals

6 best cities for digital nomads to socialize, live and work

With the help of contemporary digital technologies, it’s now possible to live and work remotely from wherever you want. Whereas some work hybridly from different office locations such as their co

LGBTQ+ mental health at work

Whether we own a business, work remotely, make a living by freelancing or we are employed at an office one thing is clear: having the space to address mental health at work is an essential componen

Why is remote work more appealing to Black workers?

The last decades of the past century showed us how important it is to stand up against racial discrimination and support universal human rights. Although major improvements attempting to close the

The future of work doesn’t depend on location

What was once a sci-fi scenario is fastly becoming reality: one thing most of us were already talking about before Covid-19 was the future of our work and work culture. While some of us were suspic

Hybrid vs remote: understanding advantages and challenges

The future of the workplace was always expected to change in the 21st century. The truth is, none of us were expecting the transition to be this fast. In the post-pandemic reality, numerous compani

8 steps to create your freelance copywriting portfolio

Remember the early days of your professional life when you were often reminded how important your CV was? Well, people who said it were right, and believe it or not, whether you build it from scrat

7 best portfolio building platforms for solo talents in 2022

Why does your portfolio matter for landing new jobs? Portfolios matter because they serve as a way to introduce potential clients to your work, almost like a resume/CV. You need to determine how to