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Mental health promotion in the workplace

Workplace mental health promotion is more relevant than ever. In the US, 1 in 5 adults suffer from a mental illness, with 1 in 20 of them experiencing severe symptoms. In addition to personally aff

Raise your freelance rates with these tips

As a freelancer, having to decide on your own rates can be a cause of financial anxiety. However, one of the greatest advantages of freelancing is that you have the flexibility and freedom to rearr

Useful productivity boosting techniques for solo talents

As someone who has struggled with productivity, this is an issue that I am intimately familiar with. For some people, it’s a matter of simply sitting down and completing the tasks at hand. For ot

Building your freelancer retirement plan in the US

As freelancing and working as a solo professional became increasingly popular in the US over the last years, more people started to put in more time and effort to plan their personal retirement. Se

8 tips for solo talents to stay healthy and happy

Doing solo work comes along with many perks, from having a flexible work schedule and not having to commute to being your own boss. Nevertheless, living the life of a freelancer is not always a pie

Price your freelance work: 4 models and tips

It can be tough to determine your hourly rate as a freelancer, especially if you’re just getting into the industry. As a result, most freelancers commit the fault of undervaluing or overvaluing t

How to land your first freelance client

Is it just us or have you also noticed that more and more people are eager to start a freelance business? It seems like ever since the onset of COVID-19 and the Great Resignation wave that unfolded

How to attract talents in the YOLO economy

Suppose you are a team leader in a company where there is a necessity to find creative freelancers, or a business owner who needs a novel talent management approach to attract skilled professionals

Hiring a digital nomad: Benefits and challenges

There’s been a rapid rise in companies hiring remote workers and digital nomads over the last few years, and it’s likely that this trend won’t be stopping anytime soon. Studies show that the