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In freelancing, using AI is becoming commonplace, but freelancers are worried

Want to know how artificial intelligence will impact the future of freelancing?

Artificial intelligence will change the world of freelancing in some surprising ways that are not necessarily bad. First of all, AI will free up your time so you can focus more on what matters. Freelancing will become more accessible, more lucrative, and even safer, which could be critical in keeping freelancers happy and concentrate on the many benefits of the job.

By looking at the trends and numbers, we see that currently, AI is not disrupting freelancing; it’s helping freelancers thrive. We believe freelancers learn ways to benefit from artificial intelligence technologies much faster than payroll employees. To prove our point, we researched with Ruul freelancers in the EU region. The results of our in-depth analysis with 100 freelancers among European countries are as follows.

1. 44% of freelancers use AI for their projects, 40% plan to use AI in the future

The rate of those who say that they do not use or intend to use AI tools or services while doing their freelance projects is only 14.8%. Considering that AI technology only appeals to early adopters at the moment, we can say that this number will decrease rapidly, and more freelancers will look positively to work with AI in the future.

2. Freelancers use AI to be more productive and efficient

The freelancers participating in the research declared that they are using AI is to be more efficient. This answer is followed by ‘getting help for repetitive tasks’ and ‘minimizing human error.’

3. Only 7.4 of those surveyed believe that AI could threaten their jobs

48% of freelancers don’t think their jobs can be taken by AI, while 44% believe AI can decrease the importance of their jobs.

In the end, we agree with what Max Tegmark said “Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence. So amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before — as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.”

Do you think AI can help you as a freelancer ace your next project while also helping you make more money by automating many routine tasks? Please share your thoughts with us on Twitter.

*The occupational distribution of freelance professionals participating in the research is as follows: Web & software development (17,9), Design & creative, Sales and marketing(21,4), IT & Networking(17,9), Consultancy(14,3), Engineering and Architecture(7,1), Data science and analytics(3,6), Writing(10,7), Translation(3,6), Admin Support(3,6).

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