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Black women leaders fighting racism and discrimination at work

Despite facing numerous obstacles, black women leaders have been continuing the fight to break barriers and fight racism in the workplace.

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Benefits of remote work and freelancing for refugees

Where traditional in-person work settings fail, freelancing and remote work might be able to solve the problem of refugee employment.

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Talent Talks #2: Meet Mehmet, a senior photographer & post-producer

We’ve invited Mehmet Turan; a photographer and post-producer from Turkey, to give his insights on setting up and running a solo business.

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Talent Talks #1: Meet indie game dev, Ivan Shyika

Meet Ivan Shyika, an indie game developer and a YouTuber from Ukraine and members of the Ruul community of solo talents. We have invited Ivan to join us for a conversation as part of our new dialog... read more.

Getting started with solo work in the nonprofit industry

Freelance nonprofit jobs have been gaining significant popularity over the last few years. 

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Ruulmates on the mic: Meet Craig Cannings from FreeU

An insightful conversation with Craig Cannings, the co-founder of Freelance University on the current landscape and the future of freelancing.

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Recontextualizing the career break

We are now living at a time where the value of a person’s life and its connection to a career is being discussed from a more balanced angle. 

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15 companies hiring remotely in 2022

With the growing trend in remote work, you might be wondering: What are the best remote companies to work for, and what perks do they offer? In this article, we’ll be talking about the top indust... read more.

What is autonomy and why it matters for work-life balance

The Great Resignation has taken the world by storm with long-lasting (if not permanent) effects. Organizational psychologist Professor Anthony Klotz, who had foreseen the Great Resignation and coin... read more.

How to attract talents in the YOLO economy

Suppose you are a team leader in a company where there is a necessity to find creative freelancers, or a business owner who needs a novel talent management approach to attract skilled professionals... read more.