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Top 6 FREE tools freelancers can use to earn more money in 2022

You have made the decision to become a freelancer or start traveling the world as a digital nomad. Or better yet, you needed some side hustle to get some extra bucks, so you are experimenting as an occasional freelancer. It doesn’t matter if you are freelancing full-time, or looking to earn some money on the side. Since you are an ambitious freelancer, we assume that you want to keep your self-employed business organized and successful. That’s why we’ve curated the best tools for freelancers globally that can save you time and money.

Maybe you know how to do what you do best, but do you know how to get better? There are some apps, tools, and programs that can boost your success. We’ve asked our top-earning freelancers and independent professionals to tell us 6 unknown or underused freelancer tools and apps of the trade to help you become a money-making machine!

These apps and tools enable the best freelancers to keep their focus on their job while maintaining a smart and sustainable workflow and customer acquisition, retention, or succession.

We know, the world of freelancing is evolving rapidly, so you have to keep up with new improvements all the time. And you are always hunting for the best tools. You may know some of them or may have even used some of these apps for your projects. In 2022, we’ve decided to list the top 6 free tools for you. Here in the list, we’ve curated a list of products that can make your business productive.

Also, we will explain how you can use these platforms and tools to work for your savings account! Let’s cut to the chase and start explaining these golden freelancer tools.

1. HubSpot – Know your customers with CRM


HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM tool at its core.

Basically, this tool helps freelancers organize their prospects and client base and act on it either with its ad management, automation, or funnel management features.

Freelancers usually excel at what they do, but not very much so in client management and lead generation part. This is where a CRM tool like HubSpot comes into the picture. It’s free, and it’s one of the best SaaS for sales & marketing.

HubSpot shines its awesome light of customer relations management upon the best freelancers who utilize free functions offered by this tool, be it with constant contact and detailing the insight they’ve gathered such as:

whom they have talked with as stakeholders or decision-makers,

when they are going to need the services or

when their annual budget is getting set so they can drop a message with the next helpful tool, Mailchimp.

2. Mailchimp – Keep engaging with marketing automation


Mailchimp is a marketing automation tool and an email marketing service program: And probably you’ve heard it up until now, right?

If not, let’s cut it short. Sending emails manually is all good and well, but you need to let some automated tools take your duties over if you want to achieve that upper 5-figure annual income as a freelancer.

With Mailchimp, which freelancers can use in sync with the first tool HubSpot, you can send customized and segment-related email campaigns that will have an impact on your new customer acquisition AND retention rates. Mailchimp offers its services for free up to 1.000 contacts.

After that, it’s at what we call a “reasonable” price range, but if you are a freelance developer or someone who can tweak around technical platforms like Mailgun, those can be your alternative choice, too.

3. Ruul – Get more clients by the power of issuing VAT invoices!


You know the drill: Invoicing is a pain in the sides for freelancers and you may not want to register a business or become incorporated. But, brands usually go for freelancers who can issue valid VAT invoices and for whom it is easier to pay. Here, Ruul gives freelancers the perfect way to do both!

Create a virtual company (with Company-as-a-Service model) for free, issue VAT invoices so that your clients can deduct that expense from their VAT charges and voila! You are loved by all your customers.

4. Zendesk – More than ticketing for customer succession


Zendesk is a suite of support apps that helps transform your customer service into agents for customer retention and lead source. Well, you may be on your own and may not have so many customers to give support to. That doesn’t matter.

Freelancers that are using Ruul to invoice their customers reported that using Zendesk as a means of bug-tracking and revision tool and knowing the platform ourselves pretty well, that’s a genius move! This way, you can actually direct customer feedbacks and revisions on applicable projects to “Ticket Forms“, asking users to give sufficient information for you to process and solve.

Unlike other tools, Zendesk comes with a small price, but all in all, it’s a fair price to pay for a program like this to get the revision process in a systematic funnel!

5. Zapier – Automate your menial tasks


Connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive. With 1500 apps and easy integrations, you can get started in minutes. That’s Zapier‘s value proposition: Much like it’s predecessor IFTTT, Zapier lets you choose triggers and actions: “Do this in this app if this kind of situation arises in this app.”

Don’t underestimate this kind of power under the right hands that know what to do with this program: Many freelancers use Zapier as a quick solution across their platforms: Got a revision ticket from Zendesk? Post it in Trello and send an email through your Gmail, count the number of revisions, and put it as a note in Hubspot.

This and many other ways to automate and integrate your freelancer tools and apps to remove the menial workload you might have, create a more fast-paced communication with your customers, and keep track of what you are doing in general.

Zapier’s free version lets you create two-stepped Zaps and a limit of 1.000 tasks a month. This is pretty generous for a freelancer when compared to what you can actually achieve in the free plan.

6. Boomerang – Follow-up your way to success


Boomerang app for Gmail lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages; no more forgotten emails, unanswered quote requests, or follow-ups!

Boomerang has been used by our freelancers for two main purposes: Automatically send reminders to their customers in a set number of days as a means to remind them, and to keep their inbox clean and 100% responded.

It’s free to use and believe us when we say that you as a freelancer will have a lot of rooms in your head with a cleaner inbox.

Now you know the apps, programs, and tools that top 100 freelancers in Ruul with more than USD 90.000 annual revenue use to make their services top-notch, sustainable, and a legit career. With these tools in your arsenal, make the most of your freelance career sky-rocket!

Chloe Frederick
Blogger for Ruul


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