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Hire talents globally, expand your workforce easily

Hire globally without the need for a new entity. Spot the right talents, agree, manage HR and talents payouts on the same platform with ease and safety.

A modern global hiring system made for the remote reality

Rule your global hiring procedures in compliance with rules and regulations anywhere in the world. Hire and manage talents located in any country you can imagine without lingering on HR admin related to labor and tax regulations.

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Find contractors and global employees using Ruul's innovative global hiring solutions. Generate job posts for openings at your organization with Connect. Let Ruul search for the right talent through its verified database of successful candidates. Hire remote workers, build and scale your teams, and expand your business globally.

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Remote workforce management made easy

Recruit remote talents and manage them location-independently on an all-in-one digital recruitment platform. Find all employee and freelancer data on your dashboard. Manage global talents with talent management features suited for modern work arrangements. Ease your talent acquisition and onboarding processes and employ compliantly.

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Universal employment without a new local entity

Track digital recruitment processes, manage time-off, benefits and global payroll using Ruul's global Employer of Record service. Distribute paychecks and pay your employees located anywhere in any currency.

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Contingent talent management, integrated and international

Hire contractors, freelancers or any external talent that your organization needs with simplicity. Build blended teams or create a remote back-up workforce for your global operations. Manage job posts, agreements and payments all from a single dashboard.

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Employ with premium security

Recruit talents verified through the KYC system of Ruul and its trustworthy global partners. Work with talents in safety with work agreements produced for local compliance in the country of your recruitment. Enjoy fully compliant employment with secure digital hiring solutions.

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That’s incredible. This is a very convenient way of paying freelancers. It is very easy and really fast. Great service and support! I recommend it!

Great service and support!

Fabio Minuzzi

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You may recruit full-time employees with Ruul's Employer of Record solution. The EOR solution enables you to hire remote employees for your organization at locations that you do not have legal entity. From a single dashboard, you can onboard employees and manage all data and documents related to employment. With the embedded global payroll feature, you can make salary payments to your employees with rich currency options.

You can hire and work with global employees in any location.

Please contact our Compliance Team to get a quote for your organization.

Ruul enables organizations to recruit unincorporated solo talents and global employees compliantly. You can include any professional on your payroll by using the Employer of Record service or off your payroll with Ruul's globally recognized invoicing and payment features.

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