HR partner program

Hire at every corner, earn as an HR Partner

Help your clients scale globally with Ruul’s global hiring, talent management, payment and compliance solutions. Generate income as you help revolutionize work dynamics.

Why become a Ruul HR Partner?

Ease through hiring
Hire, onboard and manage diverse talents globally with innovative worktech solutions.
Delight your HR clients
Please your individual or corporate clients with fast, secure and modern talent solutions.
Generate profit
Share Ruul with your clients and earn when leads turn to customers.
Contractor payments

Support your clients’ global expansion

Offer your HR clients one place for all a work cycle takes. Let organizations onboard freelancers or employees in over 120 countries compliantly.

How does Ruul HR Program work?

Sign Up

Apply to become a partner and our Partnerships Team will contact you.

Refer Your Clients

Ruul will provide marketing materials and guidelines for you to introduce our solutions to your clients.

Start Earning

Generate income per each user you convert to a Ruul customer.

300 EUR/year for every paid customer

Each user that signs up for Ruul and turns to a paid customer by making a transaction, earns you 25 EUR per month. For active users, you continue to collect a monthly fee and can earn up to 300 EUR annually for each paid customer.

HR partner program

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