Practical tax management for freelancers

Focus on your business with Smart Tax Assistant. Automate all your tax processes, from tax returns to documentation, quickly and accurately.


Legal compliance support

Pay your taxes legally, fully and easily with the help of your consultant.

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Ease in Income-Expense Tracking

Let us take care of tracking your financial transactions while you focus on growing your business. The Smart Tax Assistant automatically monitors, records, and categorizes your income and expenses. This way, it doesn't miss any details, optimizes your expenses efficiently, and accurately reports your income.

Timely and Accurate Certification

The Smart Tax Assistant tracks, prepares, and stores all documents related to your tax processes on your behalf, ensuring they are done on time and without errors. This allows you to dedicate more time to your business without dealing with paperwork clutter.

Error-Free Calculations

We accurately calculate and present your tax amount to be paid for your approval. This way, you can act with precise figures, instead of estimations. By avoiding errors in calculations, you prevent any additional costs that may arise.

Full Compatibility, Maximum Advantage

Smart Tax Assistant, specifically designed for freelancers, is fully compliant with all tax laws and identifies the most beneficial tax advantages for you. As a result, it fulfills your tax obligations completely and advantageously, enabling you to earn more profits.

International Harmony and Financial Benefits

Using Ruul's billing and payment infrastructure, carry out your transactions in a fast and compliant manner with world standards. Manage your financial processes from a single place and make the entire process secure and efficient, including your international transactions.

how ıt works?

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Fill out the online form and let's get in touch. Let's complete the necessary steps together to start using Smart Tax Assistant.

Complete Your Documents

Let's gather the necessary documents together to complete your application. We will assist you with all the required documents and make the process as smooth as possible.

Keep Billing with Ruul

After your service is activated, continue to bill through Ruul. Our service guarantees the minimum possible intervention in your current operations.

Easily Load Your Expenses

Upload your expense documents quickly and easily through our user-friendly interface. This makes expense tracking and documentation process effortless.

Your Declarations are Ready

All of your declarations are prepared automatically and quickly. We organize your tax declarations and await your approval. This way, we handle complex calculations and tracking on your behalf.

Starting from 649 TL per month*

Start benefiting from the convenience offered by the Smart Tax Assistant right away.

*VAT is not included
SMART TAX assıstance

The 'smart' features of your tax assistant

Pay your taxes legally, fully, and easily with the help of your consultant.

Automatic Billing

We automatically invoice all of your income obtained through Ruul or outside of Ruul. Whether it's freelance jobs or service sales, we accurately track and invoice all of your income in compliance with the law.

Easy Category Management

Upload and categorize your expense documents easily. Use our user-friendly widget to quickly and easily classify your documents and take full advantage of tax benefits.

Automatic Declaration Preparation

We generate declarations for you automatically. We collect the relevant documents, make the calculations, and await your approval. Declaration processes are now much easier and stress-free.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Smart Tax Assistant offers a user-friendly, simple, and comprehensible interface. Leave behind complex tax terms and processes, we provide a straightforward and efficient experience.

Commitment, earn discounts

Manage your expenses and earnings, learn the monthly tax amount, and become a legal taxpayer.


It is included in all plans

  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Expense and revenue management
  • Monthly sent declarations
  • Ready to answer all your questions, tax assistant
  • Legal processes require expert assistance

No commitment

Standard Smart Tax Assistant Service
799 TL
It is billed monthly
Mandatory Startup Cost
1.499 TL
One-time payment


12 Month Commitment

Standard Smart Tax Assistant Service
649 TL
It is billed monthly
Mandatory Startup Cost

Ruul is synonymous of advanced online services, with a spike of high level customer service. They are very professional – highly recommended.

Luciano Landaeta

Using the services of Ruul for over 6 months, I’m always happy and feel secure that the transactions between me and my clients will run smoothly and efficiently. 101% I recommend the services.

Anestis Goudas
UX Designer

You essentially have everything you need to begin working remotely with your clients. I really appreciate Ruul for providing such fantastic tools that make the lives of freelancers easier.

Esfandiyar Talebi
Full-Stack Software Engineer

All I can say until this point is that Ruul is trustworthy and their services are outstanding. Keep up the good work guys! Thank you!

Adrian Lazea
QA Engineer

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