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Work as a freelancer or global employee with your rules at the center. Whether you're working as a freelancer or an employee, maximize autonomy in your career with innovative finance and compliance solutions.

Invoice freelance work like a pro, pay as you go

Create and send professional invoices to your corporate clients anywhere, get paid as a freelancer in the currency of your choice. No extra fees until you collect your payments.

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Secure your work relationships as you work on a freelance basis

Set the basis of your professional relationships with legally binding service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and other freelance contracts. Customize free legal document templates according to your needs.

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Work for international organizations compliantly as a global employee

Get hired globally in compliance with local laws, receive your salary in the currency of your choice. Work remotely from anywhere, compliantly.

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Got questions about how Ruul's solutions can help with your freelance working experience or global employment processes? Head on over to our Support hub for the answers.

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Michael Tigkiridis

Solo Talent

As a freelancer they are the best company with the best responses and help to invoice my clients. I take my money in one day. Thank you Ruul for everything.

To secure your payment and your rights, and to mutually understand what your obligations are, signing an agreement with your client is a best practice. That way, you and your client can steer clear of any misunderstandings, operational costs, or misleading wordings which may result in a dispute, and delays or cancellations in your payment.

By using our Employer of Record (EOR) service, your employer can hire you compliantly wherever you are located. To inform your employer about this global hiring option, drop their email address and let them discover our solutions.

Ruul provides a location-independent freelance invoicing service, meaning you can invoice your clients located anywhere from anywhere in the world as long as they have a valid tax ID. The absence of a tax ID may result in additional taxes mandated by the tax laws and regulations of the country of residence.

You can use Ruul’s invoicing feature as long as you work as a freelancer providing digital services. Excluding the sales of physical goods (e.g. eCommerce, dropshipping) or services requiring physical presence on site (e.g. auto repair, home cleaning), you may invoice your clients with Ruul.

To give you a clear idea, some of the digital services that you can use Ruul's features for are Web Development, eCommerce Development, Mobile App Development, Game Design, QA, AI, Bot & Automation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Web & Mobile Design, Photography, Animation, Video Production, Audio Production, Voice Acting, Sales and Marketing, Social Media Management, PR Management, Advertising, SEO & SEM Management, Lead Generation, Market & Consumer Insight, Outbound Marketing, Telemarketing, IT & Network, Database Management, ERP & CRM Software Implementation & Development, Cyber Security, Consultancy, Network & System Management, Accounting, Financial Planning, Human Resources, Education/Training, Engineering, Architecture, 3D Modelling & CAD, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Data Science & Analytics, A/B Testing, Machine Learning, Quantitative Analysis, Copywriting, Academic Writing, Blog Content, Editorial Services, Translation & Localization, Administrative Assistance, Data Entry, Project Management, Transcription, Customer Support.

Unless you are offering tax-exempt services in your country of residence, you are required to declare your income and pay taxes resulting from it. Talents who work as self-employed and get paid via Ruul are also subject to taxes for their earnings and very soon will be introduced with our Tax Assistance solution for guidance on the details of paying taxes. After that, click on the New Invoice button under the Invoices tab, pick your client, fill in the invoice and project details, and issue it when you are ready.

Any questions? We are here to set it all straight.

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