Invoice globally without a legal entity

Easily connect with businesses around the world. Skip bureaucracy and extra costs as you work compliantly.

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Solo work made uncomplicated

Send easily-accountable B2B invoices to businesses, without setting up a company. Eliminate red-tape and get paid faster in multiple currencies.

No entity required

No need to set up a legal entity to connect with businesses around the world.

Simplified compliance

Eliminate red-tape and reduce administration, while staying locally compliant.

Get paid faster

Collect payments in multiple currencies within 1 business day.


No subscription or setup fees. Commission-based pricing upon usage.


Easy steps to invoice and get paid

Set up your account

Complete KYC checks and authorize Ruul as your service reseller.

Create and send invoices

Onboard businesses with ease, invoice them in a B2B arrangement.

Receive payments

Get paid in 140+ currencies within 1 business day.

Ruul is synonymous of advanced online services, with a spike of high level customer service. They are very professional – highly recommended.

Luciano Landaeta

Using the services of Ruul for over 6 months, I’m always happy and feel secure that the transactions between me and my clients will run smoothly and efficiently. 101% I recommend the services.

Anestis Goudas
UX Designer

You essentially have everything you need to begin working remotely with your clients. I really appreciate Ruul for providing such fantastic tools that make the lives of freelancers easier.

Esfandiyar Talebi
Full-Stack Software Engineer

All I can say until this point is that Ruul is trustworthy and their services are outstanding. Keep up the good work guys!
Thank you!

Adrian Lazea
QA Engineer

They use Ruul to invoice globally

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Unlock the benefits of our Global Invoicing solution and empower your solo work today. Dive in for more detail.

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Are there any fees or charges other than your commission rate for the invoicing and payment features?
Do I need to be incorporated in order to use Ruul’s invoicing and payment software?
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