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Monthly Rent Room Cost
Your monthly accommodation costs. Whether you are staying at a hostel or an apartment, add in the cost of rent/mortgage per month.
Phone Bill
This is what you pay to your telephone service provider. Put in the 3 month average bill.
Your monthly grocery shopping cost, plus those Uber Eats & Glovo orders.
Utilities Cost
The utility cost of a month: Your electricity, water, heating, internet, etc.
Software Service
Do you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, Shutterstock/iStock or hosting costs? Put them in here. Every SaaS/digital service you use to do your job should be included.
Travel Expenses
Be it commuting costs, gas, or other travel costs, put in the monthly average here.
Financial Loan Payments
Do you have a business loan or your monthly student debt payments? Any financial installment & payment other than a mortgage should be in here.
Credit Card Payment
Put in your average monthly credit card payment.
Insurance Cost
Each and any kind of insurance cost should be here. Note that if you are paying your insurance annually, make sure to put in the monthly average, not the whole fee.
Accounting Fees
Do you have an accountant or any SaaS/software that does the job for you? Put down the monthly cost of those.
Professional Membership Costs
Unions, CoCs or other regulatory/profession-based communities might be costing you something. If you have any, make sure to write down the average monthly cost, as usual.
Leisure Costs
What do you do to blow off some steam? Any costs for entertainment, café or bar outings, concerts, arts and museum visits go here. Add your average monthly shopping costs on top of those and you have the number you are looking for.
Career/Skill Based
Trying to improve your skills or expand your network by attending seminars, webinars or workshops? Those should be in here, again, in a monthly average format.
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Taxation Costs
This should be your country's income tax rate for your class, like sole proprietor, autonoma, freelancer or whatever you are categorized by.
Your Profit Margin
This is what you are aiming to save or want to have when your costs of living are deducted. Pick a sensible rate here as this will be your competitive power when compared to other freelancers, plus your income for the savings account.
How Many Hours
When you are working in a conventional job, a workday is defined by 8 hours (generally/generously speaking), but while you are on your own, not each hour is a working hour. You'll have breaks, lunches, and "me-time". Thus, write down what you want to spend each week actively working.
Vacation Time Holidays For Each Month
Do you take Saturdays and Sundays off? Do you want to spend time on a one-week camping trip in the Catskill mountains? Go ahead, write down an average "off-day" amount for each month. These times will be calculated as your "not available" times for our calculation.
Sick Days in a Month
Be it for mental health or menstrual leave, you may have a day or two each month when you are unable to work or focus. Write down a number of average days you may have each month.
Do you travel for work
You may have long business travels that may deem you "unable" to work. If that's the case, put down an average number of days each month.
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