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Embrace the remote and flexible work landscape with universal work solutions. Meet, agree with, onboard, manage and pay your remote workforce of freelancers or employees in one place.

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Find and hire international freelancers or full-time talents spread across the whole world that fit your search criteria. Post your vacancies and let Ruul's smart matchmaking algorithm pick the right candidates from its pool of professionals with proven success.

Hire talents worldwide

Onboard global talents with local compliance

Work securely with a remote workforce of solo talents or employees with global experience. Sign legal agreements, onboard freelancers or take talents on your payroll in compliance with local labor laws and tax regulations. Manage benefits, time-off, work hours and paychecks for your worldwide talents on a single platform.

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Expand your workforce and influence universally

Build blended and robust teams with talents working across 120+ countries without having to set up a new entity across borders. Work with freelancers or employees easily and securely all around the world. Grow your business hassle free.

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Pay talents flexibly with high technology

Receive a consolidated invoice for your on or off-payroll talents. Pay invoices individually or in bulk. Check out as a guest conveniently and pay on the go. Set your choice to make payments with credit card or bank transfer in any currency.

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Recruit verified talents without any risks and worries

Let Ruul handle identification checks on each freelancer or employee candidate through automated AML and KYC processes. Work and agree with maximum security and peace of mind.

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Explore Ruul's reliable solutions for solo workers used by over 50.000 talents that serve 10.000 renowned organizations around the world.

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That’s incredible. This is a very convenient way of paying freelancers. It is very easy and really fast. Great service and support! I recommend it!

Ruul enables organizations to recruit talents located anywhere in compliance without the burden of establishing entities in different locations. Using Ruul's universal hiring and payment solutions, organizations can find, hire and manage freelancers or employees easily and securely. With Ruul, solo talents gain the ability to issue globally recognized and easily accountable invoices and in return, organizations can work with them in a B2B arrangement and enjoy the advantages of hiring international freelancers. On the other hand, using the Employer of Record solution, organizations can hire, manage HR procedures and distribute payroll in the location of their choice. In a nutshell, Ruul helps you rule your business anywhere and expand globally with simplicity.

You can use Ruul's invoicing feature in any area where your solo talent provides a digital and remote service. Purchases of physical goods or services that require the service provider’s presence are not supported. To give you a clear idea, here are some of the services: Web, Mobile & App Development Design & Creative Sales And Marketing IT & Network Consultancy Engineering & Architecture Writing Translation Admin Support Data Science & Analytics

You can make one-time payments without registration. However, in order to manage all finances for talents, you are highly recommended to register and give our dashboard a try.

Select "I represent an organization" on the registration page, use a valid corporate e-mail address to sign up, and fill in the necessary information about your business. After your organization is verified, you can log in and manage legal agreements, invoices and payments for the solo talents you hired.

You may recruit full-time employees with Ruul's Employer of Record solution. The EOR solution enables you to hire remote employees for your organization at locations that you do not have legal entity. From a single dashboard, you can onboard employees and manage all data and documents related to employment. With the embedded global payroll feature, you can make salary payments to your employees with rich currency options.

You can either pay for an individual invoice by following the guest checkout URL your talent shares with you, or you can register to create a personalized invoicing and payment experience for getting the most out of all features. Simply sign up or login to view all data on your dashboard and pay in minutes.

You can book a demo call by filling out this form, and a representative from our Sales Team will contact you as soon as possible.

Any questions? We are here to set it all straight.

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