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No fees until you earn

No fees for subscription, setup or maintenance. No limits on the extent of the features. Signing up is free and payment is only due once you get paid.

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Discover compliant global payroll solutions

Manage your cross-border talent force without the bureaucratic burden and expenses of establishing local entities. Expand your influence across borders with the Employer of Record services (EOR) that enables global hiring, only for a global flat rate.

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Maximize profits with online tax assistance

Reduce your costs and enhance your revenue with Ruul's digital tax assistance solutions. Connect with an expert and learn best practices.

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Great service and great people indeed. It’s hard to find both at the same time. Loving the new UI by the way. I had a few minor issues while using the service for the first time since I was new to the system but the live customer support was truly amazing. Keep up the good work, guys!

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Daniela E.

Solo Talent

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Ruul's invoicing and payment features work with a "pay as you go" logic, meaning there are no hidden or fixed costs and you only pay when you get paid. The commission fee may be covered either by talents or organizations. It's up to you.

The commission rate is calculated based on the invoice amount, invoice currency, payment method, payout amount and payout currency. Basically, our financial costs determine the commission rates applied.

You'll receive €955 into your EUR account in SEPA region or your EUR virtual IBAN. Find out your commission rate with our calculator.

We have a transparent pricing policy to ensure that what you see is what you get. Though in some cases where we need to use the SWIFT network, there may be additional fees that either the intermediary banks or your bank may charge you.

Nada. Our Connect feature is completely free for both talents and organizations to use.

Again, nothing. You can create service agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) using our free templates, and secure your work relations with a solid legal basis, completely free of charge.

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