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Best invoicing practices for freelancers to get paid on time

Every freelancer knows why invoicing is important and central to their business: Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it will also make sure that you get timely payments, which can save you... read more.

Tackling with isolation while working remotely

Remote work isolation has been steadily becoming a bigger issue ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. People being stuck in their homes led to people feeling alienated from society more than ever befor... read more.

When and how to ask for payment upfront as a freelancer

Issues with freelancer payment options could lead to inconsistent income and financial anxiety, which is one of the biggest reasons why some freelance careers have setbacks in their growth.

... read more.

How to politely ask clients for late payments (5 email samples)

Wondering the best way to ask your customers for unpaid invoices? Keep reading to see a comprehensive guide that includes tips, tricks, and 5 overdue payment email samples you can use.

... read more.

Rimuut has rebranded as Ruul and here is why

Rimuut has rebooted and is proud to announce that it will continue its journey with new features and by the name of Ruul. 

... read more.

Mental health promotion in the workplace

Workplace mental health promotion is more relevant than ever. In the US, 1 in 5 adults suffer from a mental illness, with 1 in 20 of them experiencing severe symptoms. In addition to personally aff... read more.

Who decides payment terms – freelancer or client?

Payment terms are the relevant section of the service contract between the talent and the client that defines how and when talents get paid. As a freelancer, you must ensure you get your payment on... read more.

15 companies hiring remotely in 2022

With the growing trend in remote work, you might be wondering: What are the best remote companies to work for, and what perks do they offer? In this article, we’ll be talking about the top indust... read more.

What is autonomy and why it matters for work-life balance

The Great Resignation has taken the world by storm with long-lasting (if not permanent) effects. Organizational psychologist Professor Anthony Klotz, who had foreseen the Great Resignation and coin... read more.

What does Gen Z want in the workplace?

Generation Z, or “Gen Z”, is entering the workforce at a rapid speed. Because of generational differences, when onboarding and managing Gen Z in the workplace, some unique challenges might come... read more.

How working from home can improve your life

What are some of the reasons why independent professionals in growing numbers choose remote work? Is it the long office hours, toxic work environment or endless commuting? No matter what the reason... read more.

Raise your freelance rates with these tips

As a freelancer, having to decide on your own rates can be a cause of financial anxiety. However, one of the greatest advantages of freelancing is that you have the flexibility and freedom to rearr... read more.

Neurodiversity at work and how to accommodate it

There has been a significant rise in attention paid to mental health at workplaces. There are many discussions going on about diversity, inclusivity and wellbeing for both employers and talents. Ho... read more.

Useful productivity boosting techniques for solo talents

As someone who has struggled with productivity, this is an issue that I am intimately familiar with. For some people, it’s a matter of simply sitting down and completing the tasks at hand. For ot... read more.

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