Calculate your freelance hourly rates

Determining the basic rate for your billable hours can be complicated. Read on to discover how to use Ruul's customized hourly rate calculator tool effectively.

How to calculate your freelance hourly rate

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Your Hourly Rate



Calculate hourly freelance rates in 3 steps

Setting your currency

Think of this as the constant of all your calculations. You should choose a currency that you can comfortably use to enter your costs. Later on, you can convert the final result to any common currency such as USD or EUR to inform your clients.

Entering your estimated costs

Use the “Expenses” tab to specify all of your monthly costs and payments. The fields here require the monthly sum of each spending category. If you cannot be sure how much you spend on each item, try to come up with a reasonable monthly amount for each field.

Adding the details of freelance work

In the third section, add the details such as your billable hours and the non-billable time that you will be off from work.