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Free Service Agreement generator for solo work

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What is a Service Agreement?

A Service Agreement or a Service Contract is a legally binding document setting the terms of the business relationship between a client and a service provider. Signing a Service Agreement with clients is especially important for solo workers. It helps set down the scope of work, payment terms and structure, intellectual property rights, and termination conditions. To secure your solo business, a Service Agreement is key.

Benefits of using a Service Agreement generator

Legal jargon can be baffling, and drafting documents from scratch is a lot of work. With our simple, user-friendly Service Agreement builder, you can create a bulletproof, comprehensive Service Agreement in just a few clicks. Save your time and effort, and create professional documents for your solo work in minutes using our free Service Agreement templates. No legal expertise needed.

Key elements of a Service Agreement

You may be wondering, "What should I include in a Service Agreement?" Here are some essential terms of a Service Agreement:

• Description and scope of services
• Payment terms
• Obligations of both parties
• Delivery time (deadlines or milestones)
• Termination clauses
• Confidentiality clauses

Depending on the scope of your business relationship, you can modify and customize the contract of Service Agreement, and add or subtract clauses as you need. Which brings us to the next point.

Tips for customizing a Service Agreement template

Templates are a great starting point to create Service Agreements. But an agreement of service is legally binding, and your motto should be review and customize before you finalize. Here are our tips on how to customize a professional Service Agreement template:

• Review the template carefully.
• Identify the specific terms and conditions that need to be included.
• Ensure that the language and terms are clearly set.
• Check to see if the relevant details are specific enough.
• Make the changes to the template to fit the specific needs of your business.


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