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Brief History of Ruul

In the late fall of 2016, the seeds of what would become Ruul were planted in Istanbul. Founded by Turkish siblings Esen and Mert Bulut, the company originated from a simple yet profound need. Mert, a freelancer who had often faced delayed payments, reached a tipping point. It was this frustration that sparked an idea, compelling him to invite his sister, then a finance director at a leading holding company, to join him.

By the end of 2017, Ruul was ready to address a critical need in the freelance market: efficient engagement between freelancers and businesses for swift billing, settlement, and payment processes. Dubbed "Global Invoicing" by its founders, Ruul's innovative solution set a new standard in how freelancers and businesses engage globally. Available in 190 countries and supporting 140 currencies, the platform ensures that freelancers can invoice their business clients in a B2B fashion and receive prompt payment, drastically cutting down the typical 31.4-day wait to just 7.4 days.

The outbreak of the global pandemic marked a significant turning point for Ruul, catapulting the startup’s growth by twentyfold over two years. This surge was propelled by the growing freelancer economy and the introduction of features like Early Pay and Crypto Payout. Today, Ruul’s network includes over 75,000 freelancers and 20,000 businesses, supported by a dedicated team of 30 elite members who have embraced remote work from the start.

Originally named Rimuut, a nod to the remote nature of its operations, the startup rebranded to Ruul post-pandemic—a reflection of its commitment to empowering modern talent with autonomy and control over their professional and personal lives. Ruul isn’t just a business; it’s a movement to redefine freedom for freelancers across the globe.


Discover Ruul’s story, from its beginnings to its growth on the world stage.

Ruul Logo
Late 2016
Project officially kicked off under incubation.
June 2017
Incorporated in Tallinn, Estonia with a global vision.
November 2017
Launched the beta version in the Turkish market.
September 2018
Made the product available for global markets.
December 2019
User base expanded to over 100 countries.
March 2020
Experienced hyper-growth during pandemic.
August 2020
Team size expanded rapidly from 5 to 40.
September 2022
Brand renamed from Rimuut to Ruul.
March 2023
HQ relocated to Sweden, becoming multinational.
June 2023
Achieved $150 million in total processed volume.
December 2023
Introduced Early Pay feature for freelancers.
January 2024
Launched Crypto Payout in partnership with Binance.

Our Purpose,
Mission & Vision

We’re driven by a clear purpose, pursuing progress with ambitious goals and a unified vision.

Our purpose

Empowering freelancers for liberation.

Our vision

In a world where traditional employment is redefined, if you're working and not on a payroll, you're a Ruuler.

Our mission

Perfecting the freelance experience.


Explore Ruul’s unique solutions, designed to empower the freelance economy.

Global Invoicing

Send business-friendly invoices to your clients, and get paid faster than ever.

Global Invoice
Payment Collection

Collect payments within 24 hours into your preferred account.

Early Pay

Collect your payment up to 60 days in advance.

Crypto Payout

Invoice in any currency. Get paid in crypto.


Meet the co-founders, top executives, and board members leading Ruul’s inspiring journey.

Esen Bulut
Esen Bulut


Esen Bulut is the co-founder of Ruul. After graduating Boston College with finance and economics degrees, she began her career as a Finance Executive. Prior to Ruul, she held managerial positions in finance and marketing. Esen's entrepreneurship success earned her recognition in Fortune's 40 under 40 list.

Mert Bulut
Mert Bulut


Co-founder: Mert Bulut is an innate entrepreneur, who after completing his education in Management Engineering (BSc) and Programming (MSc), co-founded Ruul at the age of 27. His achievements in entrepreneurship were recognized by Fortune magazine, which named him as one of their 40 under 40.

Eran Karaso
Eran Karaso


With a strong academic foundation in Economics from Koç University and further specialization from the University of California, Berkeley, Eran is deeply entrenched in the startup world. He served as the CEO of a leading Martech company before joining Ruul.

Umut Guncan
Umut Guncan


With a degree in electronic engineering, Umut has over 15 years of experience in the industry. For the past 8 years, he has been leading tech and product teams at companies including Getir, specializing in crafting standout products that give these companies an edge.

Omer Nurlu
Omer Nurlu

Advisory Board Member

Omer Nurlu plays a crucial role as an advisory board member of Ruul. He is currently Managing Partner at Phellos Consultancy, prior to Phellos, Omer has had extensive experience in different multinational companies along with VC and PE ecosystems.

Leo Kuyumcian
Leo Kuyumciyan

Advisory Board Member

Leo Kuyumciyan is an integral member of the Ruul team as an advisory board member. He is currently Partner at Phellos Consultancy, prior to Phellos Leo was COO of Millimetric Analytics and began his financial career as an Auditor at BakerTilly.

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Fenna Van Dijk

“Ruul offers a glitch-free, robust platform with a modern interface, maintained well for seamless invoicing over two years.”

Fenna Van Dijk
Freelance Web Developer
Carlos Del Moral Vilchez

“Ruul allows me to work remotely without hassle, ensuring easy invoicing and payment, saving time for more important tasks.

Carlos Del Moral Vilchez
Freelance UX Designer
Dovile Sopyte

“Ruul simplifies invoicing for freelancers like me, offering low fees and quick transactions. A lifesaver for my global fashion design business.”

Dovile Sopyte
Freelance Fashion Designer

Our Offices

Discover our global network of offices, bringing Ruul’s impact to every corner of the world.

United States
Ruul Inc.
2093 Philadelphia Pike #6889,
Claymont, DE 19703 USA
EIN: 92-0948520
+1 302 319-9901
Ruul Holding Company AB
Hjälmaregatan 3 201 23
Malmö Sweden
Ruul OÜ
Veskiposti tn 2 Tallinn 10138 Estonia
VAT ID: EE102009640
+372 712 33 53
Bilişim Danışmanlık A.Ş.
Maslak Mah. AOS Ruul55. Sok. 42 Maslak A Blok No:2/25 Sarıyer İstanbul 34398 Türkiye
Vergi Daire/No: Maslak VD. 7352041474

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