About Ruul (FOrmerly rimuut)

The genesis & evolution of Ruul

Ruul (formerly Rimuut)

was founded in 2017, as a response to the long-felt needs of the modern world of work to build the fundamentals of flexible work on efficiency, compatibility, and universality.

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Ruul community
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Ruul started its journey as an invoicing, payment and legal partner to digital talents and modern organizations. Over the years, it has enabled over 10.000 organizations and more than 50.000 talents to work with ease and compliance all around the world. As the pandemic accelerated the shift in work culture, the bootstrapped company rapidly grew.

Our transformation

The idea
behind our name

In late 2022, we have rebranded as Ruul. Ruul comes from the action of "ruling". Throughout and past the pandemic, we have witnessed that work culture is shifting towards a new paradigm of flexibility. And flexibility in the work life has a prerequisite: autonomy. Autonomy (auto for self and nomos for law, in Greek) stands for the act and condition of self-governing or ruling. Autonomy at work is essential for workers to be able to choose the best arrangement that works for them and to act on their values and interests.

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Leading the change
in work dynamics

Ruul is here to lead the change in work dynamics for people to be able, motivated, and entitled to self-govern their careers and lives autonomously. We empower talents to rule their business anywhere autonomously. Our universal solutions help modern businesses embrace the remote reality, and rule with autonomy, as they set their talents free.


With a humble and robust fully-remote team of 33 (and counting!) and our fellow partner ecosystem, we strive to help talents and organizations adapt to the remote reality.

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