Ruul: From Concept to Reality

Ruul, previously known as Rimuut, emerged in 2017, born out of a vision to redefine flexible work with efficiency, compatibility, and universality at its core.

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in numbers.

Ruul began as a solution in invoicing and payment collection, aiding 15,000 organizations and 65,000 freelancers globally. Its growth has been propelled by recent shifts in the work landscape.


The idea behind our name

Rebranded as Ruul in late 2022, the name embodies "ruling"—a nod to the emerging flexible work culture valuing autonomy, where professionals govern their work arrangements aligned with their values and interests.

Career Opportunities

Leading the change

Ruul is here to lead the change in work dynamics for people to be able, motivated, and entitled to self-govern their careers and lives autonomously.

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Our dedicated remote team of 33 continues to grow, working alongside our partners to help freelancers and businesses thrive in the remote work landscape.

Brand KIT

Ruul Brand Guidelines

Discover Ruul's brand essentials and design standards, covering our typeface, color scheme, logo usage, and editorial protocols for promotions and features.


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