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Ruul (formerly Rimuut) creates flexible work solutions that challenge how work is perceived and performed conventionally. Launched in November 2017 as Rimuut, we have been steadily, rapidly growing and evolving.
Ruul has been empowering freelancers and simplifying financial admin with initial primary features for cross-currency invoicing and payment. So far, over 50.000 talents have partnered with Ruul to work from any place with autonomy, and over 10.000 organizations have seamlessly worked with solo talents in compliance.
In the meantime, the shift in how people work accelerated with the pandemic. An expansion of vision was necessitated to accommodate solutions to new unique challenges and needs. As Ruul, we have adopted a broader perspective to offer a wide range of global hiring, finance and compliance features.
Join the team as we continue to harmonize talents and organizations in the remote reality. For more information, visit our About page. Feel free to get in touch for any inquiries or feedback.

How we work

Ruul is here to change work dynamics for people to be able, motivated, and entitled to govern their careers and lives autonomously. We have a remote work culture valuing the personal needs and thoughts of each member of the team.

Our Northern star in how we go about doing our work is our set of mottos:

Be proactive, take initiative and get things done

Set high standards and dare to reach

Tackle challenges by showing adaptation and flexibility

Never settle, always learn and improve

A team mindset brings us together