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How to find and land good paying freelancer jobs in 2022

Everyone enjoys a little extra cash, right? Whether you are working full-time or have a part-time gig that gets your cash flow but wants to inject a little more dough there, you may have ended up looking for the best freelance jobs to go for, and that’s how you ended up here. Well, you are in for a treat because we will walk you through the best way to get freelance work you can keep on the side to balance your cash flow and pay those unexpected bills.

From development to virtual assistance, there are tons of things to be delivered via internet and become your side hustle. Become a customer service agent; localize some content to your native language and become a translator: Not all freelancer career paths require you to pivot into a new talent set.

Well, whatever the reason, either wanting to become a digital nomad (which you can read more about here) or want to work at home, we’ve listed you the best freelance or remote jobs websites. But before going on detailing each site, we should talk about what jobs you can do freelance.

Freelance Jobs You Can Do

#1 Writing

Historically, our civilization started with inventing writing. And currently, your freelance / part-time writing may be the solution to your needs. Freelance writing is a classic freelance, working at home job, even before the age of the internet. If you’re not aware, there are a dozen different types of freelance and/or remote writing jobs out there. From copywriting, guest blogging to creating content for social media, there are writing jobs for every size and type of experience.

#2 Editing and Proofreading

If you are a grammar nazi or someone with a good command of your language, the internet is crowded with proofreading gigs for your level of experience.

#3 Marketing and PR

Social Media managers, Digital PR professionals, marketing strategists: They are all under this article and if you know your way around a marketing communication presentation, you can find yourself long-term jobs and since you’ll go a long way, it’s better to create your virtual company with Ruul. Then, you can use Ruul to invoice your newly found clients, wherever they may be.

#4 Data Entry

If you don’t mind repetition, then you might find data entry jobs cut out just for you. Just like Mechanical Turk, there are several data-entry specific sites to check out.

#5 Virtual Assistant Work

If you have ever worked as a personal assistant, administrative or office assistant, you can do just that for a variety of clients, from the comfort of your sofa. Virtual assistants usually work as administrative support over VoIP and internet, using several CRM and Call Center solutions. And since we are on the subject…

#6 Call Center

Virtual call center gigs are the same as the in-house job, minus the commute to a brick and mortar office. Either for sales or post-sale support, VAs and Call Center agents are usually paid a mid-level wage and at least 4 hours of a dedicated shift, which usually translates into a part-time and graveyard shift :/

#7 Illustration

If you have the talent, you are already working as a freelance graphic designer. If not, you can put that talent to good use to earn some good cash, since there is a lot of demand, from logo to character design, and if you have the know-how, Web & Mobile UI.

#8 Development & Coding

Putting this down would be beating a dead horse, but Developers usually work freelance or remote, and this might be high-time for you to go grab some Udemy classes on becoming one. Not only the highest demands usually go for developers, but they are also the highest paid freelancers in general.

How To Make A Freelance Career and Where to Find Freelance Jobs?

The most common drawbacks you’ll see are that it is a demanding and slow pace job, building a freelancing career. You are required to re-invent and re-train yourself, spending time and money whether it be classes, SaaS, or making a brand for yourself. You need to have some network and you are to start small with low-grade gigs to build up a portfolio and get yourself known.

Just because it takes time to build up a freelance business doesn’t mean you can’t get going this instant and dive right in. Let’s start with the list:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  4. Envato Studio
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Toptal
  8. DesignCrowd
  9. Nexxt
  10. DesignContest
  11. crowdSPRING
  12. Hireable
  13. WriterAccess
  14. 99Designs
  15. Catalant
  16. Bark
  17. DesignHill
  18. Skyword
  19. Gigster

With that list in mind, you can find several platforms to your liking and set up shop to earn some extra with your freelance job.

How Much Money Freelancers Make?

Depending on where in the world you and your clients are, the hourly rate changes but in general in the world, a freelancer makes an average of $19 per hour. And when broken down to a more weighted average, 30% of freelancers make more than $21 and up to a whopping $100 for their freelance career work.

When you look at the industries, you will see that Legal Consultation and IT & Programming gigs pay much more than those who only require soft skills, like data entry and customer service.

Field of Work


Hourly rate

IT & Programming

Average hourly rate: $21

IT Support


Mobile Programming


Web Programming


Database Programming


Game Programming




QA Testing


Design & Multimedia

Avg. $20

Graphic Design


Web Design




Multimedia Production


Writing & Translation

Avg. $16

Writing and Content




Web Content


Sales Content




Sales & Marketing

Avg. $18

Social Media




Media Buying






Engineering & Manufacturing

Avg. $21

Hardware Engineering


Product Design




Finance & Management

Avg. $19

Financial Analysis




Business Management


Human Resources


Project Management



Avg. $28





Fraud Analysis


Tax Law




Administrative & Customer Support

Avg. $11

Administrative Support


Data Entry


Virtual Assistant Services


Customer Service


Which Countries Hire The Most Freelancers?

In terms of region, freelancing work knows no limits. But with economic indicators like purchasing power parity will tell you, it’s always better to work with a company that is based on a developed and/or strong currency. This way, you may take advantage of having an income currency that is different than your local one, and preferably, stronger.

In general, more than 70% of the freelancers’ client base is in North America, followed by 51% of them having freelance jobs given by clients in Europe.

Wherever YOUR clients may be, you can always count on Ruul to invoice them and get payment. Especially when working for countries in Europe, they may ask for legitimate invoices that they can use to deduct from their tax payments, and usually, you will need to register as a business. OR, you can create your virtual company to send them the invoices they need. Just sayin’.

Chloe Frederick
Blogger for Ruul

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