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The 16 best coworking spaces in Europe

Leon Cordier
October 5, 2022

Remote work has proven to be immensely popular among workers in various regions. While many associate it with simply working from home, that need not be the case. Some people need to separate their living spaces from their working spaces to be productive. For some, this means going to places like their favorite cafes, but there are plenty of other options available such as coworking spaces.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a location where self-employed individuals, remote workers or small-scale companies can rent offices or share a common working space. This means that startups, nonprofit organizations, or freelancers of all kinds can work in a shared space using a membership where office amenities and various other perks are supplied.

Who uses coworking spaces?

Well, a mixture of independent contractors, solo professionals and small-scale organizations that -value what these workspaces have to offer. For organizations, coworking spaces allow them to have a place to conduct their business and eliminate the cost of maintaining a whole office floor, which include utility and cleaning bills, office appliances and kitchen areas.

Freelancers use these spaces because of flexibility, enjoy the amenities these places offer like a dedicated working space, unlimited and fast internet connection and necessary office equipment.

The reason why coworking spaces are popular can be the rising trend of remote working becoming more and more in demand where people are open to and willing to adapt to new work arrangements. Whether they are full-time, part-time or self-employed, workers of today enjoy and search for the freedom and flexibility that remote work offers.

Because they are becoming more popular, we’ve decided to give you a list of some of the best coworking spaces that you’ll find in Europe. Here, we’ll show how much coworking spaces cost and why you’ll love the place. We prepared this list to give you the best available options to fit your personal and business-related needs.


Location: Berlin, Germany


  • Floating Desk: €180
  • Fixed Desk: €340
  • Part-time Floating Desk: €110

Weserland is a great coworking space for anyone in the Berlin area. It’s located in a trendy part of Berlin that has excellent restaurants, bars, and offers other great experiences. Its location aside, Weserland has great amenities to offer to any individual looking for a coworking space such as:

  • Free and fast internet
  • Office equipment
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • 24/7 access
  • Private phone rooms and rest areas

Weserland has an amazing, welcoming environment that’s open to everyone willing to check the place out. It’s perfect for stopping by with your laptop to get work done or renting a private office for yourself. It has a cozy but very chic design that invites you into a space that feels completely different from a traditional, uninviting office space.

Stone Soup

Location: Athens, Greece


  • Flexi (part-time coworker): €124
  • Friend (workspace): €55
  • Hopper (drop-in traveler): €17

Stone Soup is located in an accessible part of Athens that’s filled to the brim with cafes, restaurants, and more, and the building itself features a great rooftop area where you can relax. Its name comes from an old folk tale that stands for the uplifting value of sharing. To this end, Stone Soup looks to encourage a collaborative effort and offers a chance to share a working space where you can find everything you need and the space you need to do your work.

Stone Soup offers everything that you would expect from an office space and more, like:

  • Office equipment such as TV screens and projectors
  • 24hr access
  • Legal and tax support
  • Call rooms, lounge area, equipped kitchen
  • Private spaces and conference/meeting rooms for rent

A welcoming place with everything you could need, we recommend you check out Stone Soup if you’re looking for a coworking space in Greece.

Kaptár Coworking

Location: Budapest, Hungary


  • Coworking Membership: From €50 +VAT
  • Virtual Office: From €40 +VAT
  • Community Membership: From €19 +VAT

If you’re looking for a coworking experience that offers an international community in the heart of beautiful Budapest, then Kaptár Coworking is a great option for you. Kaptár has a warm and inviting environment, with community and networking activities that allow workers of all kinds to connect. It prides itself on being accessible for digital nomads and independent contractors alike.

Kaptár provides:

  • Professional office equipment
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Short-term coworking hot desks that can be rented for a day, week or month
  • Workshop and meeting rooms that can be rented by hour

Millepiani Coworking

Location: Rome, Italy

Pricing: Independent Worker: €75/month, €50/5 days, €10/day

Millepiani is a workspace that is designed to inspire creativity. It is located at the heart of Rome, placing you where you can experience everything that the city has to offer. It comes equipped with all the office necessities you would need for work. Millepiani also has a friendly and dedicated staff that fosters collaboration and a community spirit among those who choose to work there.

It offers:

  • Access to events and barcamps
  • Worker profile in Millepiani coworker section
  • A chance to get published in the Millepiani blog

Millepiani offers spaces for people who need to rent a desk for a long term, or for those who just need a workstation for a day. It has a breakroom/common area open to anyone, theme rooms designed to promote productivity, like a “green room” for companies or solo workers involved in the environmental industry. It’s a place that cultivates talent and creativity.

Work’inn Sunrise Valley

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania


  • Standart: €84,90
  • Student: €39,9

Work’inn is part of Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park located in Vilnius. The space has everything that one would expect from a workspace and more:

  • Free to attend events
  • Security at both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Dedicated and secure bicycle parking area
  • Office amenities
  • Meeting rooms for rent

Work’inn also offers something not many other workspaces can provide: a green space, we’re not just talking about a small garden either. Located next to a large stretch of parks and green spaces in Vilnius, you can step out of the office and go for a stroll or bike ride when you need to stretch your legs. It’s the perfect place to balance your work with a bit of relaxation.

The Office Luxembourg

Location: Luxembourg


  • Coworking: €290 +VAT
  • Office Membership: €70 +VAT
  • E-Coworking: €25 +VAT

If you’re a solo talent visiting Luxembourg and need to do some work, then The Office Luxembourg is your place. It’s easily accessible through public transport and located in the city center. They provide you with:

  • All of your office basics, such as eco-friendly printing
  • Fast WiFi and other office equipment
  • A lounge area for whenever you need a break.

In addition to the above, The Office has an in-house cafe/restaurant that you can dine in. It also hosts community events designed to promote networking among digital nomads, startups, and other small businesses.


Locations: Amsterdam, Brussels, The Hague, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Utrecht

Price/month (minimum 3 months):

  • Coworking Unlimited Days: €299 +VAT
  • Coworking 10 days/month: €149 +VAT
  • Coworking 5 days/month: €99 +VAT
  • +Other options including a day pass

Tribe is a company that has 19 coworking locations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. They seek to elevate what we think a workspace should be. Their coworking locations are easily reached by public transport and other modes of transportation. It offers all of the high-quality office amenities you would expect, ranging from stylish workspaces to telecommunication support.

What makes Tribes stand out is its commitment to “nomadic” workers. It’s what inspired their name and what they designed their space for. Their services cater entirely to giving workers a rich environment to work in. From the sleek design and stylish rooms, everything fits this goal. This includes amenities like an in-house cafe and lounge rooms. If you need a workspace in the countries listed above, you should definitely check out Tribes.

Avila Spaces

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Price/month (prices may change for annual contacts):

  • Business Class: €200 +VAT
  • Executive Class: €350 +VAT
  • Basic: €300 +VAT
  • +Other options

Avila Spaces is an award-winning coworking space that aims to make its clients feel at home. The space comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art office equipment and rentable spaces for private desks or conference rooms. And, it also has a friendly, dedicated staff that works to meet your needs and an app-Avila Connect that keeps you in touch with the office and your work.
Avila has other advantages to offer as well:

  • Located in central Lisbon
  • Stylish decoration and comfortable spaces, including a lounge
  • Meeting rooms for rent
  • Networking and social events for its clients

Avila takes care of all your work-related needs all while giving you a great place to work from.

Impact Hub Stockholm

Location: Stockholm, Sweden


  • Nomad: €158
  • Starter: €264
  • Plus: €316
  • +Other options

Impact Hub Stockholm is part of an extensive network of coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals, remote workers and collaboratives called Impact Hub. Impact Hub has a global presence, calling for the development of innovative solutions for the worldwide community’s needs. That means when you join Impact Hub, you become part of a movement.

Impact Hub’s coworking space meets these ideals successfully. It has all the space and office equipment you need to work productively. It also offers special benefits from being part of a global network of organizations, such as discounted services from their partner organizations.

WAO Coworking

Location: Brussels, Belgium


  • Flex Pass: €170
  • 10 Entry Pass: €95

Located close to the center of Brussels, WAO (We are Open) Coworking works towards building a balanced work experience for you. It proves this goal with their building’s design and additional benefits with their membership, which include:

  • Green-friendly initiatives like a compost pile and a rooftop garden
  • A VR room and a cinema theater for fun and professional usage
  • Community events that are open to all members

In addition to all of these, WAO also provides a kitchen and a leisure area. It has all the office equipment that you will need to be productive; meets all of your working needs and gives you an inspired and interactive place to work.

Locus Workspace

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


  • Fixed Desk: €184
  • Full Time: €143

Locus Workspace is located just outside the center of Prague near the Jiriho z Podebrad metro station. It prides itself on offering its members an international experience with people from all around the world with different cultures coming together to work. As such, it’s a great place to work if you are an independent contractor looking to build local connections in Prague and establish a presence there.

Locus makes this a focal point by encouraging an interactive community, organizing networking events, pub nights, and barbeque parties. Of course, you can find all of the office space amenities you need to work, like office supplies and high-speed internet. If you are an independent or international worker, Locus makes you their top priority, so stop by and check out what it offers if you have a chance.

If you want more tips on how to lead a digital nomad lifestyle, keep following our blog!


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