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What is a freelance writer: Explained in 6 facts

Chloe Frederick
December 10, 2019

An independent or freelance writer is a writer who works on a self-employed basis, untethered to one specific outlet or business. They can write copies for just one client or, more often, write for several different mediums or websites at a time. The more talented an author is, the more likely they are to be accepted and paid for their freelance writer gig.Here are answers to six specific questions about freelance writers:

What are the benefits of being a freelance writer?

Being a freelance writer requires a certain amount of self-reliance: there is no regular quarterly, sick or holiday pay to fall back on if things go south or you find yourself in a drought – so it's not for everyone out there. Nevertheless, the benefits are great for any writer who may be bold enough to be a freelancer.Freelance writers:

  • can leave the daily 9 to 5 grind behind as they can just pick and choose their working hours to have the liberty to choose the client they work for. So, if they want to, freelance writers can only write about anything they care about or have deep knowledge/interest in,
  • do not have to battle in a daily commute as most freelance writers use their local coffee shops, parks or just their place to write,
  • can shift their workspace to meet their requirements: Wanna write in jammies? Do so. Wanna write in bed? Sure thing. Try that in a traditional business environment and HR will be on your neck instantly.
  • can take holidays whenever they want
  • can choose the billable business hours they’d like to have so they can work for 5, 20, or 40 hours a week or in a month. That's up to them.

How much does a freelance writer get paid?

The value of freelance writing work differs greatly depending on what you are writing about and who you are writing for. It’s not exactly possible to talk about a universal freelance writer salary. We had already written in a past blog post about how you can price your freelance work. Since you are a freelance writer, you might charge per word count, character, or piece. That's up to your business decisions.And if you like to find out what to charge as a freelance writer, you can use our Hourly Rate Calculator that can help you stay afloat and earn some more.Here's a rough estimation you can expect to earn in the freelance writing business:Writing and content$10.31-$53.79Translation$30-$70Web content$60-100Sales content$50-80Technical writing$40-$100Freelance writer rates change depending on what you can and want to write. While SEO-related work pays a little more than social media pieces, you might find decent work creating content for websites, too. Moreover, some industries tend to invest more in content marketing efforts, so you will find that the rates also depend on the niche and topic.

How to become a freelance writer

Historically, our civilization started with the invention of writing. Freelance writing had been a classic freelance, work from home job, even before the age of the internet. There are a dozen types of freelance and/or remote writing jobs out there. From copywriting, guest blogging to creating content for social media, there are writing jobs for every size and type of experience.There are many different ways to get freelance writing gigs. Sometimes people leave their full-time job knowing they've made enough connections to start a freelance business. Some writers begin by finding small writer gigs online. Others work in a related industry, like public relations, and have enough of a portfolio to approach past clients, and cold pitch others.Becoming a freelance writer starts with finding and landing your first job. The key here is making sure you build an attractive freelance writer resume and create a comprehensive freelance writing portfolio.

What does a freelance writer do?

Freelance blog writers

There is a high demand by many clients for optimized content creation in the form of blog posts. Freelance bloggers write SEO articles or lifestyle blog posts for brands or platforms.

Freelance health/medical writers

Medical or health writers create content for the medical device industry, pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and healthcare businesses.

Freelance technical writers

Technical writers create technical documentation such as instruction manuals, user manuals, journal articles, reference guides, and white papers.

Freelance comedy writers

Comedy writers create witty joke content for the entertainment industry. They can work for comedians or be hired for the scriptwriting process of comedy shows.

Freelance resume writers

Resume writers produce professional and personalized resumes and cover letters that make candidates more appealing in the job application processes.

Freelance ghostwriters

Ghostwriters are hired to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are credited to somebody else’s name. They work closely with their clients to get to know their persona, life story, and communication style.

Freelance fiction writers

Fiction writers produce short stories or novels. Especially writing children’s books is highly favored, due to the shorter span and the fun nature of the production process.

Freelance screenplay writers

Screenplay writers create scripts for the film and television industry. Through literary agents, producers, or distributors, they sell their content to publishers, such as studios, channels, or streaming services.

What are some useful writing-specific tools for freelance writers?

There are plenty of tools and platforms for freelancers that make life and work much easier. Here are those specifically tailored for the toolbox of a freelance content writer:

HubSpot’s blog idea generator

You can add up to 5 nouns and receive one topic suggestion for each inquiry. The results are very general and simple, but who knows? Maybe they can ring a bell and get you started.


This is a very accurate and popular tool for checking and correcting grammar rules and spelling. You can also use the app to enhance your vocabulary.


Using this tool, you can easily and quickly get text snippets devised from your previous content. By typing a few letters, you can save time without the need for copying and pasting.


By offering you background options, typewriting sounds, and audio tracks, this tool helps you create your ideal setting for concentration as you write.

How do freelance writers get paid?

Every client you may have as a freelance writer will have their payment process. Sometimes a client will want you to issue an invoice when the work is done, or they pay some percentage of the gig upfront and would need a reminder when the work is handed in.Ruul has a handful of freelance writer users that issue solo work invoices to their clients and admitted that using Ruul has given them a better reputation since payments can be seamlessly made with Ruul’s flexible talent payment solutions: And they love it!Whatever method you may use, it will be much easier after you get your first freelance writing work. Make sure to deliver on time, be on-the-brief, and create awesome content to get more jobs coming your way.


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