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Best tools and platforms for freelancers in 2022

Whether we talk about digital tools or apps, one thing is clear: the easy access to such technologies has made the world more globalized. While in the earlier days of the information technology era, the opportunities that freelancers wanted to chase depended on their location and face to face interpersonal skills, the evolution of tools for freelancers and platforms mean that freelancers are now able to access projects, clients and other freelancers easily without leaving where they are.

But finding the best tools for freelancers that suit your needs may not be an easy task. As a comprehensive guide for fellow freelancers, we brought together all the necessary information that you need about the top-rated freelancer-friendly tools and platforms of 2022!

Organization and productivity platforms for freelancers

As freelancers, we need a platform to organize our projects and digital accounts. This helps us increase our productivity and manage our business seamlessly. If you could also use such platforms, look no further. Todoist, TextExpander, LastPass, and SaneBox are at the top of our list as the best freelance platforms for organization and productivity.


As their motto suggests, Todoist is one of the best freelancing websites that help you ‘organize it all’.

With Todoist, you can:

  • organize your tasks
  • share them with your contacts
  • track the progress of your projects
  • personalize list items

Todoist is one of the top freelance websites for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. Without further ado let us say that Todoist offers three packages, each at the service of freelancers and businesses with different needs. The starters package is free of charge while the pro package costs $3/month, and the package for larger teams costs $5/month.


As the name suggests, TextExpander is an app that allows users to save text that can later be expanded or recaptured. By putting abbreviations, also known as the ‘snippets’ feature on TextExpander in use, freelancers who don’t want to spend too much time writing similar texts again and again can manage their time well.

The pricing on this platform depends on what kind of user you are. For individuals, the TextExpander services start from $3.33/month, and for teams the prices range between $8.33 and $10.83/month.


It is interesting how our lives have been filled with one password on top of the other with each passing day. If you are one of those people who think that having this many passwords is overwhelming, then LastPass is here to help.

One password for all the other passwords! LastPass is a premium manager of passwords that saves your passwords online. In LastPass your secure notes and passwords are protected by a master password.

In addition to a free plan and a 30-day trial of the Premium package, LastPass offers:

  • Premium plans at $3/month for individuals
  • $4/month for families
  • $6/month per user for businesses


SaneBox aims to keep your email box sane by analyzing your past emails and figuring out what is important to you. Later, it organizes your inbox and distinguishes between important mails and distractions. SaneBox is recommended for fellow freelancers whose inbox is ‘just a little’ messy.

The three plans for SaneBox are Snack, Lunch, and Dinner, each with three sub-plans of payment. The most budget-friendly SaneBox plans start from $7/month.

Project management platforms

There are other platforms that you can use while managing your projects. As project management tools for freelancers Trello and ClickUp can easily be placed on top of every freelancers’ list.


Fans of Lord of the Rings series are not the only ones who will appreciate the slogan of ClickUp“one app to replace them all”. The platform is also one of the most useful and free tools for freelancers. Whether you are working on marketing plans, creative projects, business reports or strategies, ClickUp enables you to create rich-text documents.

Last but not least, with ClickUp it is possible to collaborate on a document and edit it with your colleagues in real-time.

Depending on the number of tasks you are working on, the teams you are working with, the automation you need and many other qualities, ClickUp has five different packages. The simple package is entirely free, and the prices of other packages range between $5 to $19/month.


Don’t let the Kanban-style of Trello discourage you, it is easier to use than you think! With Trello you can create task boards and move your tasks between multiple custom-created columns. Tasks at Trello can be grouped under the default columns of To Do, In Progress and Done.

Being one of the best project management tools for freelancers Trello can come to your help for personal and job-related purposes. Trello is handy for freelancers who wish to see all of their gigs organized neatly under categories.

We are sure that one of the four packages of Trello will fit you just right. In addition to the free package which doesn’t cost anything, the platform has three other packages:

  • Standard package for $5/month per user,
  • Premium package for $10/month
  • Enterprise package for $17.50/month.

Cloud storage tools for freelancers

If you are tired of constantly being alerted of your storage filling up, you may want to start using one of the cloud storage tools such as Dropbox or SpinBackup. After all, no professional can say no to a bit of extra cloud space.


Dropbox was around when almost none of the cloud storage systems were present yet. One of the things this platform helps you with is to store and share your files and track file updates, but that is not all Dropbox can do. It also allows you to manage your tasks together with other people.

Are you a freelancer looking for a smooth-working platform that can handle all of these operations with no hitch? Then you will see that Dropbox is made for you. Dropbox has five plans (two for personal use and three for business use) with prices between $9.99 and $20/month. The business plans also offer a free trial for users who wish to give them a try first, and decide to buy later.


SpinBackup holds a firm place in the universe of cloud storage alongside Dropbox. SpinBackup guards your SaaS data against damages and losses, and it has a cloud-to-cloud backup system with data recovery and migration solutions.

We advise freelancers with a lot to store and not enough space to try SpinBackup for their business-related and personal data. You can benefit from this service without spending too much extra money. With different options such as SpinOne, SpinSecurity, and SpinBackup, the platform is easily viable for your specific needs, and budget-friendly. The cheapest services at SpinBackup start at $3/month, and more comprehensive packages go up to $9/month.

Communication tools for freelancers

For freelancers, good and open communication with their clients is a must. Here, we presented two top communication tools for freelancers that we feel all solo talents should know about.


Loom may seem unconventional for some freelancers who are used to texting and sending emails for professional purposes. But let’s warn you upfront, trying Loom and seeing how practical it is may turn you into a true Loom fan. The platform enables its users to send instant videos to their colleagues, teams and clients. Loom is ideal for freelancers who think sending a video is just better than texting or writing an email.

Loom’s starter pack may be an ideal starting point for freelancers, and it’s completely free. Loom offers the same services for larger businesses, including various extra advantages for as little as $8/month and a free 14-day trial.


As a group messaging platform where users can shape separate workspaces and channels for different clients and teams, Slack is a convenient means for effective communication. For efficient and high speed communication with your colleagues and clients, Slack will meet your expectations as a platform for freelancers. The monthly fee for a Pro package is $6.67 and for a Business+ package, it is $12.50.

Collaboration and online presentation tools for freelancers

Over the last couple of years, collaborative whiteboards and online presentation tools have become one of the founding blocks of the virtual business environment and freelance community. Miro and InVision are two of our favorite visual collaboration platforms for freelancers. Here is why:


Professionals who are in need of a virtual whiteboard with collaboration features must give Miro a chance. With more than 50 templates, chatting, commenting and screen sharing options Miro is one of the most convenient presentation tools for freelancers. Miro costs $8/month for smaller teams and $16/month for larger enterprises.

Ruulers who join the Miro Professional Network get access to:

  • Free Consultant Plan for 1 year
  • Unlimited free licenses to invite their clients to the Miro team
  • Dedicated training materials and/or sessions
  • Priority access to community events
  • Discounts from Miro’s partners


With its various design features, templates and collaborative boards, InVision is headed towards being the next big hit among visual whiteboard platforms. InVision will surely be a convenient option if you are a freelancer that could use different templates and boards for various purposes and with users from different roles.

Another thing that catches our attention as we look deeper into the advantages of the platform is its affordability. Other than its free trial, InVision Pro plan costs only $7.95/month per user.

Online event management and meeting platforms

Undoubtedly event management platforms occupy a special place within the general genre of freelancing websites. The reason is apparent: the freelancing community needs to organize events and participate in them. Keep reading to find out about  two top-shelf event management platforms below!


With a particular focus on hosting both small meetings and large summits, Airmeet is all about setting online events, hosting onboard speakers, dealing with registrations and engaging with participants. For freelancers who are into a more interactive, life-like and productive remote meeting experience with participants, Airmeet is a good choice.

Two main categories in Airmeet are social webinars and events. While both categories have their unique pricing lists, the prices for extensive use are around $99/month with up to 100 registrations.

Airmeet is currently a partner of Ruul and offers a 20% discount over all plans until 2023 to Ruulers!


11sight offers e-lines, which are personal links that enable the team you are working with to receive video and audio calls from an online source. What makes 11sight a practical remote communication tool is the possibility to connect to an e-line from any device. We recommend 11sight to freelancers who are in search of a new way of communication.

Compared to other virtual tools, 11sight has a simpler scheme of payment plans. While a starter package costs $19/month, an extra e-room package costs $9/month per room.


Join.Me contains tools through which users can change the URL links of meetings to their liking. Users are also able to choose whatever background they want for the display shown during virtual meetings.

Freelancers who are seeking ease of integration with  other work tools like Office 365 and Google Calendar will particularly find Join.Me useful. With its professional, enterprise and business plans Join.Me offers its services for between $14 to $19/month with extra perks for additional costs and a 14-day free trial.

Writing tools for freelancers

If you have tasks such as drafting projects, copywriting, editing, or proofreading, then writing tools like Grammarly and are likely to take more work.


Grammarly does many things: it highlights grammar and spelling mistakes, it informs you when you have an extra word that shouldn’t be in that sentence or when you miss an article. As an assistant for writing Grammarly is the type of tool for freelancers who want to write faster and more accurately.

The package options include:

  • basic free package
  • premium package for $12/month
  • business package for $12.50/month

Unlike some other writing tools, does not only focus on the linguistic aspect of what you write. It also aims to provide solutions in case you run out of words and sentences. This AI-based writing tool will especially be handy for freelancers who have lots of writing tasks to finish and feel like they are running out of ideas.

The free plan doesn’t cost anything, and the Pro plan designed for small businesses and teams is $35/month.

Tools that improve freelancers’ quality of life

We know that the list consists of so many items already, and that it takes time to digest all of these amazing tools. But hang in there a little more! Here, we have a section in which you will find platforms for anyone and everyone to improve your mental well-being and stay active while working as a freelancer!.

Alo Moves

Who can say no to a yoga class or a fitness class with a professional after a long work day in front of the screen? Freelancers yearning for a wholesome physical exercise will enjoy Alo Moves and its 3000+ classes available for streaming.

After a 14-day free trial you  can begin your fitness regimen for $20/month for the first year of your membership.

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Headspace can guide you through various kinds of meditation and help you achieve stillness, calmness and increase your self-awareness. This platform for guided meditation and mindfulness can be used in the morning before you start working on your next freelance project, or in the evening after the daily gigs are over.

In Headspace there is a 14-day free trial period, with $13/month afterward. With the annual subscription option you can get a good deal that amounts to $5.83/month.


MoovBuddy has one simple aim: To help you get healthier. With exercises instructed by fitness experts, MoovBuddy is here to solve your problems regarding chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and posture.

A 1-year premium subscription to the personally-tailored exercises provided and tracked by the platform can be yours for only $49.99 instead of $79 when you become a Ruuler!

Finance solution platforms for freelancers

Finally, let’s get to the core of the entire subject: finances. Considering how many of us make a living through freelance gigs, one of the most crucial parts of freelancing operations is the management of payments from clients. In a word, our platform of choice for financial solutions is Ruul!


Ever since it was established in 2017, Ruul has provided compliant and easy invoicing and payment features for freelancers. Ruul is the optimal choice for solo talents wishing to professionalize and expand their business worldwide by working with clients located anywhere. With no costs of subscription and maintaining, the pricing of Ruul is measured by a commission rate based on:

  • invoice amount
  • payout amount
  • the currencies selected
  • the method of payment

We have hand-curated and provided a comprehensive list of the best tools and platforms for freelancers. As the needs of solo talents change and transform, many new tools and platforms emerge and make freelancing much more seamless.

Keep an eye on this article, we will keep updating and expanding it!

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