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Meditation boosts productivity

Being creative and productive is the best option for workers who want to keep their jobs, as market competitiveness is growing greatly. Employees who work hard to be effective and spend more and more time on their job end up being very depressed. Stressful minds are seldomly productive therefore employees begin to resent their work. You’ve heard it from friends and family a million times: “Take time for yourself.”

But it is better said than done, as are most clichés. The ever-important notion of “me time” generally ends up being an afterthought between stressful work schedules, trying to fit into the latest exercise regimen you told yourself you would do, and striving to somehow maintain a semi-functioning social life.

We are more stressed out as a culture than ever. In order to not only achieve inner peace but also be more efficient and find a balance in our lives that does not come at the cost of time, it is necessary to find balance. Fortunately, you can do exactly that with meditation. When your mind is at ease, you will increase your productivity.

Meditation is a state of mind where you think about nothing. It has historical value and is considered to be a gateway of cosmic energy. It provides clarity in thoughts that result in a tension-free and blissful life.

Benefits of workplace meditation

It has been shown that meditation not only helps boost job satisfaction but also improves productivity and overall happiness. It can effectively enable to achieve the highest results in the workplace, both at an individual and an organizational level, with a variety of far-reaching benefits.

Better focus

Our level of productivity suffers immensely from our inability to concentrate. One of the best antidotes to this widespread problem is meditation. Meditation enhances your ability to concentrate. First of all, you learn how to silence inner distractions (thoughts) through meditation and focus on just one thing instead (such as your breath). Over time, it translates to other areas of your life, such as your work, as you become better and more familiar with this practice.

Better decision making

Your ability to make better decisions directly affects your ability to be extremely productive. You are trained by meditation to become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Once you have the strength and awareness to make conscious decisions and operate with intent, you will realize your potential and your productivity will greatly increase! This helps you prioritize your actions better, work with more motivation and be more strategic.

Stronger self-discipline

Your brain will find it easier to be disciplined through meditation. You will become familiar with silencing and overriding your inner chatter through daily meditation and therefore find it easier to bypass excuses and restrict problematic situations as they arise. This allows you to make choices regularly compatible with your principles and priorities. You’ll be more disciplined, in other words.

Countless benefits of meditation for your productivity

It has been scientifically established that meditation provides our minds with tremendous advantages. Regular meditation practice will increase the power of focus, contributing to an increase in productivity. If you regularly meditate, you will be able to do more work in the same period of time.

  • Meditation has excellent rechargeability
  • Meditation will improve concentration and memory
  • By practicing half an hour of meditation, your daily energy will increase
  • Meditation increases the brain’s blood supply
  • Daily meditation practice will slow down the effects of aging
  • You will gain stronger planning skills through meditation
  • Stress levels will decrease and it does not cost a cent
  • Meditation will boost one’s imagination.

As you can see meditation will boost your productivity in parallel with many benefits.

How to meditate

After learning the benefits of meditation you will want to start to meditate. But how will you do it? Don’t panic! The basic meditation concept is very simple; you just need to focus on your breath.

First, sit right on the surface of the plane and concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. If it’s your first time, and you are unable to focus on your breath, don’t worry. Just try it for a bit. It’s not so easy to just close your eyes and immediately meditate.

Regular practice is necessary; you must bring your attention back to your inhalation and exhale until the meditation is over if you lose your concentration. In short, focus, concentration, and attention are all necessary during meditation. I suggest starting with a guided meditation if you are a newbie and have difficulty focusing during meditation.

Chloe Frederick
Blogger for Ruul

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