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The Ultimate Best AI Tools for Freelancers: Boosting Productivity in 2024

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We all know that the modern world is changing, so we’re here to let you know that you have to keep up with it. The majority of independent contractors relied on manual processes to accomplish the tasks set for them when freelancing first began. With the rapid development in technology and AI, machine learning for freelancers has enabled us to adapt to how they create and work to ensure our efficiency. It may sound like artificial intelligence is replacing the demand for freelancers. But the truth is: no! The technology still requires human involvement. And as humans living in the modern world, we can impact our freelancing business in a great way with these developments. So, can AI tools boost our freelancing career? What are the top AI tools for freelancing in 2024? We know you are confused about including AI in your business. Yet, don’t worry! We will help you provide your business with a list of AI tools, understand how effective they can be for your business and what to know before choosing one of them.

Factors Influencing the Choice of an AI Tool

The technological market has a lot of AI tools to offer. However, certain things make some of the tools perform better than others. Don’t you know how to select the best tool? Well, you will be required to consider unique factors. Here are some of them:

  • The Cost: Some of the AI tools will require you to subscribe to certain payment plans. It means that you have to consider checking if the pricing structure will be reasonable for your freelancing work.
  • Ability to Customize: Selecting a tool that allows you to make customizations that will help you get more accurate results. The features present on those platforms should be sufficient to cater to your project’s needs adequately. 
  • Friendly User Control: Remember, the AI tool you are considering should be user-friendly by providing you with a demo or instructions for you on how to use the platform. If you still need help for the platforms requiring more guidance, there should be a customer service section that you can contact in case of any issues. 
  • Compatibility: For an AI tool to work seamlessly with your freelancing operations, it has to be compatible with the kind of freelancing services you are offering. You can always choose AI tools that can be integrated with other platforms to increase the quality of the tasks done.

Top 10 AI Tools for Freelancers

Now that you know what to take into consideration when choosing an AI tool for your business, let us present to you the most popular AI tools. We know that the rise of artificial intelligence for freelancers necessitates the use of the right kind of AI tools. This is why we prepared a list for you! These tools are classified according to various freelance careers, such as online writing, graphic design, audio and video editing, and project management, among others. Let us dive into the best AI tools for business:

  1. ChatGPT

You are already acquainted with Chat GPT and you know that it is one of the best generative AI tools on the list of AI tools. But what you don’t know is what ChatGPT is capable of! Due to its streamlined use of machine learning and NPL to provide good communication between you and your clients, it is one of the best AI tools for writing due to its ability to generate content based on your topic. It is very useful when it comes to customer service, writing interesting articles, and other related literature. 

Why should you use ChatGPT? Well, the first reason is that the platform is primarily characterized by its effectiveness and user-friendly interface, which can improve your business operations and your customer connections as well. When it comes to its accessibility, ChatGPT is readily accessible in several versions. If your main objective is to give clients creative content but you need a subscription payment plan, this is one of the best AI tools free.

  1. Grammarly 

Sometimes we always mess up with grammar. This is exactly why you should include Grammarly into your business! If you need a writing and grammatical editing partner, Grammarly is one of the best AI tools. Grammarly is one of the best AI tools for researchers, editors, and writers. It performs these changes by either adding important words or removing unnecessary words to improve the overall quality of your content. Even though the platform requires you to make reasonable subscription plans, Grammarly cuts down on your cost of having to hire an editor. 

  1. Jasper

Jasper is one of the best AI tools for digital marketing since various creators can create various content like blog posts, articles, and emails. This platform shortens your work by providing you with the content you need as well. As long as you have an account, Jasper enables you to input a content topic, and it produces well-outlined and accurate content within seconds. If you are a writer who wants to spend less time producing content manually, Jasper will be your best friend. Jasper has a monthly and annual payment plan that gives you the option of paying according to your budget.

  1. RescueTime

If you are a freelancer who has various projects to work on with a tight deadline, we know that it can be challenging if you perform the tasks manually. Doing this manually might affect your productivity due to fatigueness and other negative impacts. With RescueTime, you are secured! As its name suggests, it will rescue you, manage various projects easily and deliver them on time. The principle of the platform is very simple: once you access or download it, the program will provide encouraging information to keep you focused, motivated, and creative when doing tasks. It ensures that you can create a daily task goal through AI-powered coaching. The customized work goal will enable you to focus more on your project without falling into distractions that may affect your work.

  1. Canva

Are you a graphic designer? Then Canva is here to help you! You should consider using Canva if you are looking for a platform to make a logo for a brand, social media post for your accounts, or poster for a customer. At Canva, you will find amazing features that will help you create content of your choice. Some of these features include image and animation tools, image editing, and templates, among others. This tool creates high-quality images and other graphics, even for beginners. It requires basic graphic skills to produce unique and appealing content. Canva has three subscription plans: the first is free, and the second and third require you to make payments.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro

As a videographer or an editor, your main objective is to create content that is appealing and of high quality as well. For this to be possible, you will need one of the best AI tools for video editing. We are introducing you; Adobe Premiere Pro! Once you log into the platform, you will see various features that work together to enhance audio and video quality. The features help you to edit factors like background noise and add effects to your video or image as well. Adobe Premiere Pro also supports videos with a quality of up to 8k. The pros of using Adobe Premiere Pro are that you can integrate it with other tools like After Effects and Photoshop to enhance your video's quality. 

  1. Durable 

It’s time for us to help you design your website! Creating a website manually requires you to have a skill in web design. Yet, with the development of AI productivity tools like Durable, you don't need any skills because the platform is an AI website builder. Durable is for every freelancer, as it helps you build and post your profile within a short period. Durable guides you on how to create a website and includes crucial things like a contact form, photos, and a copy of the same. All through the process, there is no coding experience required; all you need to input are your details and the kind of website you wish to have. Right now, the only issue you will need to solve is developing your portfolio and applying for tasks to excel. 

  1. Descript

Descript comes in handy, especially if you are a scriptwriter. The days when script writers needed to write scripts for a video manually are long gone now. With a freelance AI software like Descript, you can easily transcribe a video into a script. You can also update your text script in the video without needing to use a timeline. Descript is always ready to help you perform transcription within a short period, increasing your productivity and your income in the end. The platform is also compatible with apps like Zapier to maximize task automation so that you are motivated and creative when working. 

  1. Mem

You are required to sharpen their technical skills to win more clients as a freelancer but also soft skills like communication skills, decision-making, and organization are important as well. There are popular AI tools that help organizations, like Mem. Mem ensures that your notes and your documents are categorized and stored in a retrievable manner. Therefore, when you wish to get those notes, you log into the Mem platform and use the search option to get the specific document. Just like Descript, you can also integrate Mem with Zapier to increase and streamline your workflow through motivations. 

  1. Asana

Freelancing in project management is very profitable, especially when you have the right set of skills and management. If you are a freelance project manager, artificial intelligence enables you to use a tool like Asana to decisively handle projects. Asana suggests effective goals by using past data. The platform also provides you with the obstacles that might need solutions before they arise in the project. If you have issues, the platform offers possible solutions that will enable you to get greater insights related to the project. Asana is very compatible with other platforms like Zapier, which will increase your work automation and help you in reviewing the preconfigured procedures. 

Wrapping Up

Most of the people are annoyed by artificial intelligence, thinking that it will replace our job positions and professions. In this scenario, what we should do is adapt! You should accept that the integration of artificial intelligence and freelancing has enabled different professions to increase productivity and save time. Yet, even though there are many AI tools you can use to improve task quality, you will still be required to build a strong relationship and trust with clients. So we advise you to have a management platform that will ensure successful transactions between you and your client. Ruul is a popular management platform that ensures that companies pay your invoices, creating your integrity. Remember, in freelancing, AI and productivity go hand in hand when applying the best AI tools.


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