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The 10 Best Graphic Design Software (2024)

Arno Yeramyan

As we all know, visual presentation of things speaks faster than words in the present technological world. Therefore, to communicate quickly and advertise a product, a catchy visual expression like a graphic design element is greatly needed. This means that if you want to provide a top-notch design, the most important tool you need to get is an exceptional graphic design program.

In the recent moment, several technological advancements and generative AI have provided a wide range of graphics design software available on the internet and in app stores. Many of which have their various pros and cons. However, experts believe that one of the key features that distinguishes the best software for graphic design is its flexibility and ability to provide the tools required to elevate designs.

Many times, getting flexible software for graphics can be very difficult. With the fact that it must be a program with desirable design tools that meet your skill level, design requirements, and price range. So, the need to choose the best of the best may set in. Therefore, if you are in the dilemma of choosing the best design program, this article is readily available for you. Continue reading to discover the ten best graphic design software in 2024.

1. Adobe Photoshop

When it comes to editing and manipulating photos, the raster graphic editor known as Adobe Photoshop is the number one best option. Its extensive designing tools and versatile usage make it the market leader among others. Apart from that, its feature-rich toolbox, which sets the benchmark for graphic creation – particularly with regard to images – is what makes it stand out.

Furthermore, Photoshop has no rivals when it comes to the process of refining images. Most of its expanding tools and Generative Fill are now using AI to improve and enlarge designs due to the integration of Adobe Firefly. Additionally, these integrated features and other exceptional functions like background removal, portrait editing skills, etc make most photographers, stock photo providers, and social media influencers rely on it.

2. Adobe Illustrator 

For a long time now, Adobe Illustrator (AI) has been one of the most effective and popular software for graphic design for vector graphics. One of its distinct features is the illustrator toolkit – a comprehensive function that can be used to create anything from floor plans to logos. Also, it is known to be a program that can adapt to any design tool in the marketplace.

Beyond its versatility features, its usefulness for creating intricate vector graphics such as SVGs is beyond measure. Furthermore, AI's integrated tools also provide designers with an effortless creation and manipulation of any digital artwork, regardless of its size. Aside from that, one of its most notable features is the ability to replicate the process of creating tangible art with digital graphics tablets.

3. Affinity Designer

Another world-class creative software that is a vector graphic editor for Microsoft Windows and Mac is the latest Affinity Designer (version 2.4). It provides a number of tools that are powerful and in high demand, like shaper builder and several warp tools. Besides, Affinity also combines digital art such as pixel and vector art giving users the opportunity to switch as they please.

Additionally, this serif program also has more pixel-based manipulation tools like Affinity, photos and publishers that provide photos with good gradients and grain. Beyond being affordable, it is also known to have a modernized friendly user interface.

4. CorelDraw Graphics Suite

A graphic design program that also holds the remark as an all-around solution for digital art and graphic creation is CorelDraw. Many still regard it as one of the greatest full-featured design software and a big competitor of Adobe Illustrator. It focuses on vector artwork and page layout. Besides being a program that can provide real-time collaboration with others, it also has a set of tools that can be used to create more robust features for manipulating typography and photos.

5. Canva

Canva is an excellent choice for designers, social media influencers, and even students. It is a visual design application that mostly uses dragging and dropping vector graphics to create stylish presentations. Because of Canva's sophisticated software features for resizing, video editing, and other real-time photos can be created. Additionally, it provides a free plan that is often adequate for most users, however, the pro plan is a worthwhile investment that guarantees distinct and stylish designs.

6. Adobe InDesign

When it comes to print media production, Adobe InDesign is without a doubt the best. It was specifically created for text-based products, such as books, periodicals, and magazines. Many designers find it easy to use as it provides seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud and advanced typographical tools. Apart from offering designers precise layout and design control, its in-built software features help with text positioning around graphics to produce gorgeous layouts.

7. Inkscape

Similar to Affinity Designer and Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape is primarily a vector design tool that supports a wide range of file formats. Apart from its UI being less user-friendly, Inkscape calligraphy tools are unique and allow comprehensive text edits which provide curved type text with graphic tablets. Furthermore, this graphic designing app also offers an extensive approach that makes it simple to add new features.


If you want to go for a free and open-source graphic design program for Linux-based operating systems there are no other masterpieces than GIMP. Although GIMP is an inbuilt support for Linux, still, all popular operating systems like Mac and Windows are supported. One of its peculiarities is that it offers a vast array of 2D art and photo editing features that provide a less heavy design. In addition, because it doesn't handle CMYK natively it is known to use fewer resources than the tools from Adobe.

9. Sketch

Instead of taking a broad approach like other programs, Sketch graphic design software is developed as a creative software solution to solve a rather specific need. Its aim was for online and mobile projects, however, it also works well for vector graphics. Furthermore, it's a graphic designing app that is primarily used for making icons and other interface components for sites and applications. Many website designers prefer using it for their designs as it is a program only accessible for Mac OS.

10. Pixlr

Pixlr is commonly known as the best and most affordable alternative for photoshop software. Because, its platform-neutral design excels as the preferred online tool for picture editing, and template builder. Apart from that, users can also use Pixlr software features with any modern web browser on any device to access its extensive range of editing tools. Additionally, it also provides a design library full of fonts, icons, and templates made specifically for basic photo editing and alteration activities.

Take Away

Finally, choosing the best graphic design program among the array of applications requires a proper selection and an in-depth check of its creativity tools and features. Most of the time, the versatility and uniqueness of the inbuilt design tools often help us to know the ideal application for designing. However, having the best software for graphic design with Ruul’s assistance can make you become a highly-ranked freelancer. You can take a step to achieve this by contacting Ruul support today!


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