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Five best online learning platforms [with FREE courses]

Izzy Turner
September 9, 2020

Learning is a never-ending process. In the current work ecosystem, whether you are a freelancer or not, you have to update your knowledge regularly on a professional level.Things you learned at school five years ago might be outdated, or you might be interested in creating new job opportunities for yourself, or you might have a job, but you want to earn more with learning new skills. These are all excellent reasons to check the top online learning platforms and schools.Yes, keeping up with the new tools and rules emerging every day can be challenging. But as a self-employed freelancer, you are used to being your boss and your mentor. If you realize that you need to be in a constant learning process, you are at the right spot. If you are feeling lost between alternatives, we will be sharing our selection with you.

Which online learning platforms are the best?

We will share the best online learning platforms, free online learning platforms, and respectable schools to empower your professional life. So you can see all the advantages of online learning platforms and get the answers to your questions like how to get free online courses? Ready to kickstart your career with the best online courses and tutorials? Here is the list of the best online learning platforms and schools we filtered for you carefully.


Udemy covers almost any subject related to professional life. If you want to learn a new coding language or improve your presentation skills, you can find video content on every topic. So if you are interested in enhancing your professional skills Udemy is a good option for you.

Top Subjects

Udemy offers 150,000 online video courses in various categories. The most popular ones are design, development, marketing, IT and software development, photography, business, and design music.


A wide range of video content is the best advantage. Once you successfully subscribe to Udemy, you will have many options to choose from and you can easily select the appropriate payment model that suits you.

Does Udemy offer free courses?

The good news is that you can find the best free online courses on Udemy, which will improve your soft skills and professional skills in general.


If you are ready to build new skills with online learning platforms and get certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies, you should definitely check Coursera.

Top Subjects

STEM-related topics are highly popular on Coursera. If you are considering improving your programming skills, you can take classes such as Machine Learning with Python, Machine Learning Using Sas Viya, R Programming.


The best part about Coursera is that you can take classes from the professors of most respectable universities in the world. Such as Duke University, Stanford University, Penn University of Pennsylvania, Imperial College of London, University of Michigan.

Does Coursera offer free courses?

Yes, you can reach hundreds of free content on various topics on Coursera. On the Coursera website, you can also search for free online courses with printable certificates.


If you decided to pursue a career in coding, you should definitely check Treehouse. You can find all the instructions you need to get an entry-level job in tech, even if you’ve never coded and you can learn professional, technical, and soft skills.

Top Subjects

The following coding languages are the most popular content on Treehouse: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Java.


Treehouse offers content on various tech subjects and if you are looking to learn subjects more deeply, it would be a good learning platform for you. For example, you can learn to build a mobile app or a website A to Z.

Does Treehouse offer free courses?

Unfortunately, Treehouse currently doesn’t offer online free courses, but you can still sign up for a free trial to understand the platform.


edX offers access to more than 2500+ online courses from 140 different institutions. If you want to expand your knowledge in order to improve your professional skills you can benefit from edX’s video content library.

Top Subjects

The most popular subjects are computer science, language, data science, business management, engineering, and humanities.


edX offers online courses from respectable institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, Boston University and offers high-quality courses. You can benefit from the knowledge of the professors who are considered “the top” in their fields.

Does edX offer free courses?

edX offers MOOC online courses that you can check.


First of all, we must mention that 100% of’s courses and instructors have moved to LinkedIn. Once you sign up on Lynda, you will also have access to Linkedin Premium. If you are determined to improve your skills in the fields of software development, business, design, web photography and marketing Lynda offers great content for you. If you are interested in improving your marketing career, we can say the best online platform to learn digital marketing is Lynda.

Top Subjects

Programming Foundation, learning javascript, learning python, InDesign Secrets, Illustrator CC Essentials Training are popularly chosen by professionals around the world.


Once you sign up for Lynda you will also have access to LinkedIn’s Premium Career features. You can learn more about your profession while you expand your professional network.

Does Lynda offer free courses?

Lynda offers the best free online courses for only students. You can check if you are eligible for the best online free courses.


If you are interested in improving your creative skills, you should explore your productivity by attending online classes on Skillshare.

Top Subjects

Creative writing, freelance essentials, animation, graphic design, and marketing classes are quite popular among Skillshare users.


The most attractive thing about Skillshare is that you learn the skills and know-how of well-known experts in that area. You can learn to build a story that helps you stand out online with YouTube star Nathaniel Drew or create imaginative art with illustrator Hélène Baum.

Does Skillshare offer free courses?

Yes, you can find free classes on the Skillshare website that would help to improve your soft skills and support your professional development.


If you want to add certificates to your CV, you should check universities offering free online courses.To enhance your freelancing skills as a professional, you can also check free online university courses from highly respectable colleges like Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.


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