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In addition to the ease of use and the cost savings, we have also been very impressed with the customer support. The customer support team is always responsive and helpful, and they have gone above and beyond to answer our questions and solve our problems.

Bora Şahan

Country Manager @Baims

Ruul is one of the most professional and reliable solution providers we work with. They have exceptional customer support and their streamlined process has been very simple to use. We now refer freelance talent to Ruul, and it is very convenient that we don't even have to take time to onboard them - Ruul is really that simple.'

Doruk Aypek

Co-Founder @Beije

Ruul's platform automated several aspects of the payment process, from handling currency conversions to ensuring compliance with local tax regulations. This allowed our finance team to focus on more strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by manual administrative tasks.

Osman Koc

Co-Founder & CEO @UserGuiding

As The Glimpse Group's (Nasdaq: VRAR) CFO & COO, I would like to highlight Ruul's impact post our PulpoAR acquisition. As a U.S. based company, Ruul’s streamlined financial solution and excellent customer service, facilitated foreign employee and consultant payments, eased regulatory compliance, and optimized invoicing.

Maydan Rothblum

CFO & COO @The Glimpse Group

By leveraging the advantages of contractor support in software development and Ruul's financial compatibility, we achieved accelerated growth, faster time-to-market, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Esranur Kaygın

Founder & CEO @Hirize

The partnership with Ruul not only streamlined the payment process but also exemplified the potential of modern technology in overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Zafer Çalış

Founder @iKnow Technology

The exemplary support, transparent practices, and dedication to simplifying contractor payments earned Ruul the trust and confidence of InspirationTech's leadership. The partnership not only solved immediate challenges but also became a catalyst for driving the firm's growth and global presence.

Necati Tok

Co-Founder @InspirationTech

This partnership not only empowered Connexease to access a diverse talent pool but also fueled their expansion efforts within the MENA and Turkey regions. By delivering seamless solutions, Ruul emerged as an invaluable ally, significantly contributing to Connexease's ability to reshape the customer care domain and introduce innovative solutions.

Yusuf Akohen

Co-Founder & CFO @Connexease

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