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A guide for listing freelance experience in resume

Izzy Turner

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."—Albert Einstein.Today, the job market is getting narrower every day due to automation and artificial intelligence, and the traditional employment model is changing rapidly. On the contrary, the freelance job market is exponentially growing to create new opportunities for many professionals globally.It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned freelancer or a fresh starter; it is a fact that competition in the freelance job market is rising too. So what is the best way to stand out from crowds and differentiate yourself from millions of others? The answer is your resume! So how to prepare an eye-catching resume as a freelancer? Let's dive deep into the topic of how to list self-employment on a resume and understand the do's and don'ts together. In the article, you'll find template suggestions, tips, and resume examples. Here we go!

3 key tips on how to add freelance work to resume

Understand the job requirements

First things first, you should carefully read the requirements for the job you are applying for. Understand the job description correctly. Learning your job position and responsibilities is an essential aspect when applying for a freelance job. By doing this, you will ensure that you know the tasks and duties required to perform to get your payment, and you create your resume according to the information you gathered.

Your resume should be tailor-made

Preparing a freelance resume is almost the same as creating a regular professional resume. So it would be best if you designed a resume that reflects your professional capabilities, like a traditional resume prepared for full-time jobs.After understanding the requirements for the freelance job position you are applying for, you should start preparing your resume by listing your most significant achievements that would fit the job you are applying for. It would be best if you recalled when you practiced those skills while doing freelance work.

Make your achievements clear

Clarity is the key! Add the accomplishments to your resume with bullet points and use Hemingway level simple wordings. If you are doing a job based on data, show the numbers related to your past achievements. Make sure you use a simple resume format with a simple font such as Arial, Helvetica, or Trebuchet. Download and save your resume as a PDF. You can always use platforms that can provide you freelance resume templates.

Dos and Don’ts of resume building

Crafting a resume is the first step of the process of landing good freelance jobs. A clear and well-formatted resume can straightforwardly highlight your experiences and knowledge and helps you to land your dream freelance job.Although it seems simple, creating a proper resume isn't an easy task. There are things to consider, things to include or leave out. You can create your resume in Word format, or you can use resume building platforms.The good part is you can implement the same resume crafting techniques on LinkedIn. The answer to how to list freelance work on LinkedIn and how to list freelance work on a resume is pretty similar. After crafting your resume, you can update your LinkedIn profile and social media accounts too.Here in the following chart, you can find a list of dos and don'ts that will help you through your freelance job search experience.



Highlight your relevant job experiences and skills.

Don't spend too much time on the design. Context is more important.

Use data in bullets with numbers to simplify your past success.

Don’t use complex templates that are hard to read and understand.

Write about your soft skills to show you are a good team player.

Don't write unrelated soft-skills and hobbies.

Tell more about the scope of projects you've accomplished.

Don't oversell your skills and experiences

Summarize your professional background and include your prestigious clients.

Don’t include personal data beyond your name and contact information.

Choose powerful vocabulary such as administered, consolidated, etc.

Don't use inconsistent information, unfavorable terms, and clichés jargon.

Include credible references.

Don't write confidential information about your old clients.

Try to keep your resume one page; your resume should be clear and to the point.

Don't write too much-unrelated information.

Formatting is essential: Select a simple template for design.

Don't use different fonts and design templates on one page.

Download your resume in PDF format after spell checking.

Don't send your resume in word format or avoid sending Google doc links

Freelance and Self-employed resume examples by job titles

Since you are here and reading this article right now, you might be a self-employed professional struggling with preparing your resume.Preparing a proper freelancing resume is a daunting task, but first of all, relax and start thinking about your previous freelance jobs that you want to put in your resume. List your freelance experiences among your other skills and education background. In the example part, you will see the skills to put on a job application. After that, examine the example resumes we've created uniquely to help you. Don't panic; we've got you covered!Here are 12 freelancer resume examples that can give you more hints about creating a well-written freelancer resume.

1. Freelance Writer Resume Sample

Spell checking is a must! Nobody wants to give you a freelance writing job if you make spelling mistakes in your resume. Don't use unrelated vocabulary, and write to the point. Here is an excellent example of a freelance writer's resume that can help you land many jobs as well as freelance gigs. If you have different writing skills, for instance, if you are an editor, you can also get your inspiration for your freelance editor resume.

2. Freelance Graphic Designer Resume Sample

The design of your resume should speak for your work! If you are a self-employed graphic designer ready to design a killer resume first, you should make sure that your resume's format should be clean and straightforward. Sure, putting freelance work experience in a resume is not easy, especially if your profession is more visual. However, a designer needs to explain the scope of work experience accurately. If you are working in designing fields other than graphic design, you can still use the template below as an example of a freelance designer resume.

3. Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant Resume Sample

A marketing professional should have a resume that can sell itself. Don't put irrelevant information in your CV and use a strong vocabulary to prove your strengths. Here is a killer resume sample that can inspire you.

4. Freelance Journalist Resume Sample

Freelance journalism has many different professions under its umbrella. The key is to make sure that your job titles and past experiences match the requirements of the position you are applying for.

5. Freelance Software Engineer Resume Sample

Highlighting your technical skills is essential when crafting a freelance software developer resume. Consider putting your experiences with the scope of your work and give data to show your accomplishments. Here you can find a killer Software Engineering resume.

6. Freelance Public Relations Consultant Resume Sample

The key to preparing a solid freelance PR resume should highlight your social skills and previous work experiences.

7. Freelance Project Manager Resume Sample

Project managers are expected to use many different tools and platforms to organize the workflow. Make sure to highlight your program knowledge in your resume.

8. Freelance Product Manager Resume Sample

Your Freelance Product Manager resume should highlight your previous accomplishments in your application to make you stand out from other candidates.

9. Freelance Data Analyst Resume Sample

For jobs that require technical skills, you have to highlight your knowledge of different programs and coding languages.

10. Freelance Translator Resume Sample

Simplify your language! Make your writing clear and easy to understand. Here is an excellent example of a freelance translator’s resume that can help you understand do’s and don’ts.

11. Video Motion Graphic Designer Resume Sample

If you are a motion graphic designer, you are already familiar with many different programs, make sure you present your hard skills.

12. Freelance Accountant Resume Sample

An accountant’s primary duties include investigating financial transactions and making budget forecasts. Make sure you tell your tax, cost, investment, or management accounting knowledge.

FAQ about listing freelance and self-employed work in resume

Should you list freelance work on your resume?

Yes, definitely! Your freelance projects and experiences are valuable as any other professional experience. Don't forget to include the information in a proper format that presents your skills and achievement.

Does freelancing experience count on a resume?

Your freelance experience will glow on your resume if you know how to polish it.Please read our blog content carefully to craft the perfect resume. ☝️

How much detail should you provide on your resume?

The first rule of Freelancing Club is: You do not talk about too much of yourself in your resume.Craft your resume short and to the point. In general, the most acknowledged length of a resume is only one page. You should include only necessary experiences and skills.

Do you need a freelance and self-employed cover letter?

It is a great idea to tell more further about your experiences and skills in your cover letter. It is highly recommended to write a letter that shows your motivations and skills.


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