September 17, 2020

What is a virtual company?

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Izzy Turner

While many professionals start to work as solopreneurs, the meaning of “virtual company” became highly popular. Yes, it is a revolutionary way of doing business. That’s why we are now going to explain what a “virtual company” is and how it works in simple terms.A virtual company enables you to act like a company while saving you from bureaucracy and paperwork regardless of your location. It’s a new and hassle-free way to run your freelance business.If you want to stay as a solopreneur and you don’t want to establish a company, or maybe you already have a job and you want to have side-gigs for the extra income. These are all great reasons to start your virtual company with Ruul in seconds.

Why would you need a virtual company?

Here are the top reasons to start your virtual company:

1- To avoid owning a traditional company

You want to work with your clients, but you don’t want to start a traditional company because of extra costs, paperwork, and unnecessary financial operations.In our perspective, if you don’t have a high volume of income and you don’t want to benefit from tax deductions, you don’t need to establish a traditional company.

2- To invoice your clients beyond borders

Financial transactions are always challenging for self-employed professionals when working with clients globally. The good news is that you can invoice your clients around the world effortlessly as a solo business owner.

3- To avoid costs of founding a traditional company

When you decide to start a registered company, soon you realize it will cost you a lot. You may be shocked by how much-hidden costs you have to bear in the process.There is no setup fee for founding your virtual company. You can start your virtual business right away.

4- To reduce operating costs

If you are a virtual company owner, you don’t need to pay for an accountant or an office rent. You can start your own virtual business right away and pay as you go. Learn more about pricing.

5- No bureaucracy

It is hard to set up a company, but it is even harder to close one. From the day you start a company, you face a lot of bureaucracy. If you think that you don’t have the time and energy to deal with bureaucracy, you should consider owning your own virtual company.

6- To be paid quickly and securely

You don’t have to worry about the payments. Ruul helps your virtual company be paid in time.

How does an individual start a Virtual Company?

Starting a virtual company is as easy as opening a social media account. It is paperless and hassle-free.All you need to do is to sign up on Ruul and fill in the necessary information. Then voila, you can work with businesses anywhere in the world.

How to invoice without a registered company?

Invoice your business clients

You will eliminate the psychological, financial, and bureaucratic burden of starting and running a traditional company with Ruul's practical and legitimate invoicing solution.

Track and receive payments

You will instantly view your transaction status on your user panel and receive payments to your bank account or digital wallet in your preferred currency.

Secure your work and payments with contracts

You will sign service contracts and non-disclosure agreements with your clients using our templates to identify duties, responsibilities, and terms binding for you and your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to invoice a company as an individual?By starting your own virtual company in a few seconds. Learn more about how you can start a virtual company with Ruul.Can I issue an invoice without a registered company?Yes, with your virtual company, you can issue an invoice quickly. You can invoice your clients around the world effortlessly as a solo business owner.How to set up a virtual company?You can start your virtual company in a few steps. Sign up to Ruul and fill in the required fields. Starting a virtual company is easy and hassle-free.How does a virtual company operate?A virtual company operates just like any other company. The only difference is that it is more comfortable, and it provides many advantages to you.You must sign up and accept the User Agreement and Privacy Policy to onboard. Then you are required to fill in information about yourself and your business clients. A thorough KYC and KYB verification processes are conducted within the system. Once all the information provided is validated, you can start transactions anytime.Acting as a digital service reseller, Ruul enables you to invoice business clients and get paid easily and securely, just like a company.How to invoice without a registered company?By starting a virtual company, you can invoice your clients around the world effortlessly as a solo business owner. To start your own virtual business, explore Ruul.Are there any limitations when issuing an invoice for my clients?Yes, there are limitations. Ruul's financial solutions are available only for freelance services that can be executed and transferred remotely (and digitally) to business clients (B2B). Ruul is not the right solution for you if you are selling physical products or services that require your physical presence .

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