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10 online digital marketing courses to enroll in 2022

Izzy Turner
April 12, 2021

There are plenty of platforms that can help you learn when it comes to online digital marketing courses. Still, it is essential to understand each area’s usability to improve your work and become an expert in your field.Among all these areas, free digital marketing courses are the most common place where people learn and develop their marketing careers. So if you are planning on working in this field, you should enroll yourself in digital marketing courses online.

1. Digital Garage - Learn Digital Marketing from Google

Let’s start with the fundamentals! Digital Garage is one of the best online digital marketing courses for beginners. It is a Google training program. You can learn digital marketing at your own pace, with flexible and personalized training courses designed to build your confidence and help you thrive. The best part is you can get marketing certifications depending on your success in the program.You can discover Google tools to make your career successful. The majority of the courses are free and approved by industry experts, top entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s leading employers.Total time: 40Level: Beginner

2. Udemy Free Digital Marketing Courses and Tutorials

You can take top-notch courses on Udemy, which can also act as a resource material for someone looking to start digital marketing. Udemy provides the most easily accessible content if you are looking for free digital marketing courses.The online digital marketing courses on Udemy are created by a team of proficient experts in the industry. The course is designed to take newbies to an expert level in digital marketing. These courses will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills to directly apply to generate high-quality traffic.You’ll also find the description of each class, duration, rating, and the number of students enrolled on the platform. Even if you are a newbie in digital marketing, you can learn the basics from these courses, which will help you understand how digital marketing works and how you could create a successful online presence for your product or service.Total Time: 2hr 26minLevel: Beginner

3. LinkedIn Learning - Free Social Media Marketing Course

If you signed up on LinkedIn Learning, this digital marketing course on the platform would be available for you for free. These free digital marketing courses will equip you with the latest knowledge, practices, and critical skills you need for taking on the role of a Social Media Manager or Digital Marketing Manager. Within this course, you'll learn how to develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy and digital marketing plan for your organization, whether it is B2B or B2C focused.You'll gain an overview of the current digital marketing landscape and the major channels that make up your digital presence today. Moreover, these online digital marketing courses will teach you how to measure critical metrics essential for understanding your company's performance. Also, you can get marketing certifications free.Total Time: 2hr 26minLevel: Beginner

4. Coursera - SEO Digital Marketing Courses

There is a massive demand for SEO professionals and a constant rise in job requirements. Many universities and companies have an unlimited number of courses/courses to train individuals in the field, but only a few materials are worth taking. If you are determined to learn SEO, you can take this online digital marketing course on Coursera.After going through several courses on Coursera, we are recommending the courses available on the platform to learn digital marketing. Each class is taught by top universities such as The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of California, the National Research University Higher School of Economics, and credible organizations to ensure that you have the best quality training. The list contains the best courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level learners. If you pay an extra 79$, you can also get marketing certifications.Total Time: Approx. 25 hours to completeLevel: Advanced

5. FB Blueprint Digital Marketing Courses

Facebook Blueprint is another excellent platform that gives users access to various online digital marketing courses for free. These free digital marketing courses are designed to keep the business requirements in mind so that every individual can quickly learn how Facebook is beneficial for their business. The courses are created by professional marketers who have years of experience in this field.The Blueprint platform offers various digital marketing courses related to marketing automation, ads, analytics, business intelligence, and connect. All these courses help individuals become valuable assets to their business. These training courses help beginners, but everyone in the sector can learn something new from these courses. They also offer a certificate after completing the course and a chance to become certified too.Total Time: Approx. 15 hours to completeLevel: Intermediate

6. Skillshare Free Digital Marketing Class

If you enroll in this online digital marketing course, you’ll gain the relevant skills to succeed in the digital marketing field. Yes, it’s not entirely free, but it is affordable for its value. Because first of all, you’ll learn the fundamentals of profitable sales funnel strategies. The best part is that you can work at your own pace. If you have to be on the go most of the time, you can easily avail this opportunity.  Once you enroll in a Skillshare class, you will have access to all of the other material. Also, you can use 14 months free trial period to learn the basics of digital marketing.Total Time: Approx. 2 hours to completeLevel: Beginner

7. LinkedIn Learning Content Marketing Foundations

Are you looking to achieve a career change in Content Marketing? Are you a newbie in the content marketing field who wants to level up your skill-set? Here is one of the best free digital marketing courses available for you.Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing fields globally and can lead to many different career paths. This course is for the starters! At the end of this program, you will be well-prepared to work with content marketing technologies and understand how to create a content plan, choose content types, and develop an editorial calendar.Total Time: 1 hourLevel: Beginner

8. Free Google Ads Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Google AdWords is the digital marketing tool that billions of people use to discover businesses online. If you are interested in landing new jobs more accessible, you should learn more about AdWords. That’s why it would be better for you to check the course options according to your knowledge level. There are free digital marketing courses about AdWords at all levels!As an independent professional, learning Google AdWords can help you land great jobs. You can impress people with your professional knowledge about driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales. LinkedIn Learning hosts top experts who will give you a guided tour of everything you need to know to get started with Google Adwords today. You will learn how to set up your ads, select the best keywords, write ads that convert, and learn to track and optimize your campaigns’ performance.Total Time: Depending on your choicesLevel: All levels

9. SEO Courses on LinkedIn Learning

Who wouldn’t want to reach out to their audience when the audience is indeed looking out for them and that too for ‘free’? This is where optimizing the website to search engines is essential. SEO is a broad term that focuses on optimizing websites to rank well in search engine results. Though it involves many backlinks, meta tags, social signals, and other technical aspects, SEO is primarily about understanding your audience and target market.According to our extensive research, LinkedIn Learning gives the best online digital marketing courses about SEO. There are many SEO training institutes and companies out there, but to be honest, they don’t provide holistic training. For someone who is starting in this field, training in the SEO domain can be like trying to catch a dragonfly with bare hands. There are several courses on learning SEO available for free over this social media network, but the best free available content is on LinkedIn Learning.Total Time: Depending on your choicesLevel: All levels

10. SkillShare Digital Marketing Course for Writers

Join bestselling author and Youtuber Jenna Moreci for this free class, and learn how to effectively market your writing and grow your readership by building a compelling, customized author platform.This one is not free, but considering it costs only US$8.25/mo, it is an affordable option for an online digital marketing course. Plus, once you signup to SkillShare, you can access various content that would benefit your career.This course focuses on helping writers brand their work, building an author platform, and growing their audience through digital marketing tactics. By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills, tricks, and tools needed to build your platform and reach a wider audience.Total Time: 40 MinuteLevel: Beginner


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