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Finding a job, you will like: 5 ways to create your own job

Maybe you feel like you are stuck in a career that doesn’t fit your skills, or perhaps you are at the beginning of your career journey, and you can’t decide what to do according to your talents. It is understandable that sometimes changing your career or starting a new business can be frustrating. If you are fed up with clicking job search buttons in front of a computer, and you need some encouragement to find out your passion, read this article

In today’s competitive job market where we mostly adapt ourselves according to the market’s needs, we sometimes find ourselves asking this question: how to find a job I love doing? It is normal to question yourself about your interests and talents. Before preparing a brand new resume, you need to learn more about the reasons behind your low motivation and ways to work for yourself.

Why can’t you find a job that interests you?

There are many reasons to consider asking this question: I can’t find a career that interests me. Before we begin listing our reasons, consider that it is normal to feel confused about your job’s future, and spotting a problem is the essential step to solve it. So why can’t you find a job that interests you?

1. You haven’t discovered your talents and skills yet

One of the reasons you still can’t find a job that interests you is that maybe you haven’t been able to discover your real talents and skills. Every person has some skills that make that person stand out. Perhaps you have analytical thinking skills that can make you a great strategist, or maybe you have excellent drawing skills. If you didn’t discover your talents yet, you could try to learn more about your abilities. In the end, we are more interested in doing the jobs we are good at. If you are still struggling after thinking about your talents and are not sure about what you can achieve, you can always ask your friends and family for their opinions. Sometimes people surrounding us have a more clear vision of us. Or you can still get professional help from a career planner. If you need further guidance about how to discover your talents, read the article.

2. You are afraid to experience new roles

Maybe you settled for a career, but unfortunately, you are not happy about how you fit in this role or can’t see your future in this career. You can always ask yourself the question: How to find a job I love doing? After that, you can take action to try new positions that you find interesting. Sometimes we tend to get anxious when making significant transitions in our lives. Understandably, you may feel frustrated about such circumstances. However, if we can’t take the risk of trying new things, we won’t solve our current problems. If you are afraid to experience new professional roles, you can start by making the transition step by step. For example, if you want to quit your job and start a freelancing career, you can start with small steps. You can try freelancing while you keep your current job to see if you can make a living out of your new freelancing job. There is always a solution, and you shouldn’t be afraid of taking further steps. In the end, fear is the mind-killer.

3. You are giving priority to income, not the success

Yes, we all consider how good the salary is when starting a new career. However, money shouldn’t be the only indicator for you to evaluate a job opportunity. It would be best if you thought that the future possibilities this job provides you. You can see many people who have been very successful in changing the sector’s dynamics raised their salaries enormously. It would be a very short-sided career strategy to focus only on the salary. It would be best if you also thought about your potential.

5 ways to create your own job

If you understand your talents and you are ready to take action to kickstart your new career, here are the ways to create your job.

1- Define what you can do very clearly

If you’re going to create your job, you need to choose a service to specialize in. Think about what you can offer that will provide value to other people and make their lives easier. You can select a skill you have or a hobby they can monetize. If you love to teach, you can offer new content to online tutoring services, or if you are a good writer, you can consider freelance writing.

2- Create your communication channels

When you start a new business, you have to have communication channels to make your service more available and clear to potential customers. You can build a website, open social media accounts, or sign-up to famous marketplace platforms with your professional information.

3- Look for clients and prepare a pitch

According to Glassdoor, one of the most critical steps in creating a successful career starts with connecting with the right people. Networking is vital if you are kickstarting a new career. You have to seek opportunities to meet new people online or offline to get the job done for your new clients who can also recommend you to their other business networks. Don’t forget to be friendly when chasing new opportunities.

4- Be on top of your duties

You can create your own hours’ jobs, but this independence comes with a big responsibility. You should deliver the best quality of work to your clients to make them a sustainable business partner in the future.

5- Educate yourself all the time

Accept that when you run your own business, you have to know more about your field. You will soon start working, and you will realize how important taking online classes to improve your soft skills. Here are ways to sharpen your skills according to Entrepreneur.

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