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How to set up an all-in-one home office for your solo business

Arno Yeramyan
October 4, 2022

Surely, being a freelancer comes along with plenty of perks: being able to choose the projects we want, working with high-profile clients, having a location-independent work life and most importantly, autonomy! But despite all of its perks, sometimes we find ourselves somehow hampered by one particular problem; the lack of an efficient office space. In this very special article at Ruul Blog, we are giving some useful tips on how to set up the ideal home office. Some points to consider while creating the right office space for your freelance business are;

  • Optimal location
  • Necessary digital tools
  • Natural light
  • Ergonomic furniture
  • No distractions
  • Decoration
  • Your needs

Choose the perfect area

Let’s admit it: all of us have tried using our favorite coffee shop as our all in one freelance office at least once. While your go-to coffee shop may still be the one of the coziest places to hang out, it might not exactly be efficient or productive to work from there all the time. Which brings us to our first point, location is the answer to most of your problems. Try selecting a location in your house that receives plenty of sunlight and fresh air. While sparing an empty room for your home office is typically the ideal way to go. Especially if you’re a freelancer parent, you will notice a stark difference in your productivity if you’re able to have a separate “office room” at your home. In the absence of space, you can also spare a certain section of your living room to serve as your work space.

Use natural light to your advantage

The question of setting up an ideal home office can’t be answered without mentioning the importance of getting enough natural light. Pay attention to setting your home office somewhere that receives plenty of natural sunlight. Working in the sunlight will help you battle middle-of-the-day tiredness as well. Working under a table lamp in a darker room, on the other hand, can cause eye strain very quickly and that physical distraction can take away from your efficiency.

Set up your virtual office and digital toolbox

Whether you are a solo professional, freelancer or digital nomad, having the right virtual and digital tools in your hands is essential to run your business smoothly. Luckily, there are many digital tools you can integrate with your office to boost productivity, keep track of your projects, communicate with your colleagues and clients efficiently, and most importantly, to manage your finances such as invoicing and payments. Don’t forget to check out Ruul’s work and finance features specially tailored for your freelance business.

Pick ergonomic furniture

While setting up a home office, we tend to ignore the importance of choosing ergonomic home office desks and home office chairs in order to save on our budget. However, prioritizing comfort especially if you sit at a desk for most of the day can prevent a lot of future health issues like back and neck pain, which can become chronic if you’re not careful.

Get rid of distractions

One of the key issues home-based professionals need to tackle is distractions. Although there are sources of distraction at offices too, they are considered minor compared to the potential ones that we have at home. If you don’t live alone, make sure that your cohabitants know and respect your schedule. Trying to have discipline regarding social media usage personally can be helpful as well.

Organize for your needs

Personal needs are relative depending on the type of freelancing operation we conduct, the type of tools and gadgets we feel comfortable using and the type of outcome we wish to achieve in our gigs. Make a list of the tools you need day-to-day in order to do your job, and try to acquire them and place them accordingly in your home office. Try customizing your workspace according to your workflow. For example, if you find yourself getting lost betweens tens of browser tabs and other programs you use for your work, consider investing in a second monitor and move other less-frequently used tools (printers, scanners) to another storage area.

Use the right colors and decorate to your taste

We now know more and more about the possible psychological impact of certain colors on our overall mood. While certain colors can make us sleepy, others can provoke negative feelings and cause stress. Usually, light and airy tones of blue, green and earthy shades are known to have a more calming impact on the human psyche rather than bright, neon colors. Pay attention to choosing the right colors in order to avoid the adverse psychological effects of the wrong ones. Decorating your space in a way that goes well with your taste is also a must! After all, none of us like looking at furniture, paintings, decorative tools or plants that we don’t like. Decorating specifically to your taste will make you want to spend more time in your office which translates into more efficiency and productivity.

Creating the right office space

As solo talents and freelancers, we spend most of our time working on our projects in front of our computers. Therefore, investing in the right home office space that suits our needs is probably one of the smartest things that we can do. By opting for the right location, utilizing efficient virtual office tools, using ergonomic furniture and eliminating distractions, it’s possible to create an efficient, cozy and comfortable work space at our homes. Keep watching Ruul Blog for more information about the latest trends of freelancing and on how to lead a successful freelance career!


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