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Top 18 most suitable freelance websites for your needs

Izzy Turner

Maybe you are ready to start a freelancing career from scratch, or perhaps you are looking for side-gigs to make extra money. These are all great reasons to learn more about how to find the best freelance websites for beginners.Freelance websites provide a list of jobs for people looking for work and enable employers to post their job offerings. Yes, being a freelancer is the most fantastic way to be a part of the gig economy if you want to protect your independence while working remotely.There is no need to say that you can start a stable freelancing career if you learn more about these websites. The good thing is that these websites will assist you in finding clients and earn more money.If you are looking for clients to create new opportunities and projects according to your freelancing skills, check our list of freelancing websites.

Best Freelance Websites for Beginners

If you are a fresh freelancer, you should know the biggest freelance marketplace that provides various jobs for freelancers globally. So what are the best freelance websites, and what are the benefits these freelancing websites offer you.Here is the list of the best freelance websites:

1- Upwork

Upwork offers tools to start a stable freelance journey for beginners. It provides a collaborative space and, most important of all, a transparent recruitment process.The best part of signing up for Upwork is creating the chance of working with top-notch clients like Microsoft, Airbnb, and Dropbox. If you are looking for more flexibility in your professional life, you should check Upwork as a start.

2- Toptal

Toptal is one of the best freelance platforms right now, and it has the top %3 percent of freelancers globally. If you are interested in landing a job opportunity quickly, you can sign up and start your freelancing career right away.

3- LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder

ProFinder platform has over 50,000 highly skilled, in-demand freelancers, and most of them are web designers, coders, illustrators, and graphic designers.The best part of ProFinder is the easy and user-friendly website experience, and it has a massive influx of companies choosing to hire freelancers for their projects.

4- Fiverr

If you want to save your time for your work by communicating less with your clients, you should sign up for Fiverr.As a freelancer, you can showcase your finished projects to attract your clients. In addition to this, Fiverr has many great free learning courses. As a fresh freelancer, you might want to dive into those courses to develop your skills.

5- Freelancer

It is one of the best freelance platforms and currently the largest freelance work marketplace in the world. If you want to join this freelancer community and connect with 45 million employers from 247 countries, you should discover the most extensive available opportunities.

6- Flexiple

Flexiple is a network of top freelance developers and designers with hourly rates ranging from $30 to $100. Every freelancer on Flexiple screens and selects the best freelancers. They examine technical proficiency and soft skills too. Flexiple makes personalized recommendations to match your skills to clients' requirements. The good news is that it offers a 1-week risk-free trial!

Freelance Writing Jobs Platforms

7- Writer Access

Writer Acces is one of the best freelance writing websites. If you want to start your freelancing career as a copywriter, Writer Access is the best platform for you. Since the platform offers many content writing jobs, you may land your first freelance editing job quickly. The best part of this website is that it provides many content marketing tools to optimize your content and get your job done more efficiently.

8- Skyword

Many content marketing jobs can be easily found on Skyword. The best part is that you can register easily and start working as a freelance content strategist, editorial manager, scriptwriter, copywriter, or technical writer. One of the perks of this platform is that it is multilingual, and it serves in many different languages. Employers from 27 countries highly trust Skyword. Be ready to start your freelancing copywriting career with Skyword.

9- Constant Content

The biggest question for almost all new freelancers is this: “How to find freelance writing jobs?” If you have good copywriting skills, you can try technical writing and quickly land a remote job on Constant Content.Many companies will continue hiring content writers freelance as startups are looking forward to raising their organic growth. If you trust your technical writing skills, you can start your freelance copywriter life now.

Freelance Graphic Designer Sites

10- Designhill

One of the hardest things about freelancing is pricing both for freelancers and designers. Designhill solves this eternal problem by providing a transparent price upfront so clients can understand how much the finished design can cost. It’s why the platform became popular among employers worldwide, and you can land your next designing job on the platform.

11- Dribbble

Are you interested in being a freelance website designer? Dribbble is not just a marketplace for a freelancer. It is also a freelancer community you can join. If you are looking for a designing job in various fields, from illustration to web design, graphic design, typography, logo design, you should check Dribbble's design job board. By using the necessary keywords, you can make your profile more available to employers.

12- Behance

Behance is one of the most famous freelancing websites. The best part of Behance is that you can showcase your creative work and connect million talented creatives and employers. So far, millions of projects have been completed on the platform. Why wouldn't you start your project?Behance is owned by Adobe, has an incredibly active community of freelance designers who are searching for their next gigs. Their system works very quickly for employers by scanning through all users with matching keywords and recommends new freelancers everyday.

Freelance Web Development Websites

13- Codementor

Earning income from Codementor requires more coding skills and general knowledge of the industry. Learning a programming language is not an easy job if you are new to programming. Sometimes professional developers also have problems that they can't solve, and they need guidance.Codementor provides job opportunities for professionals who have programming skills based on mentorship. On the website, you can answer complex problems and make money with your know-how.

14- Arc

Are you interested in being a freelance website developer? You are in the right place. Arc is targeting explicitly companies that want to work with the best developers who can work worldwide. For the employers, the website provides the highest level of quality work in a few easy steps. If you trust your coding skills and want to be seen excessively by trustworthy employers, you should immediately sign up for Arc.

15- Gigster

Gigster provides a variety of freelance software developers. That's why it's an attractive platform for many employers. You can work alone or be a part of a significant development team if you are ready to work on a more substantial project. The only negative side is you can sign-up only with an invitation.

Freelance Musician Jobs Platforms

16- SoundBetter

SoundBetter is the most popular website for musicians and producers who are working remotely. The platform is a marketplace for musicians worldwide and helping the music industry to create high-quality songs.If you are a vocalist, drummer, music producer, audio engineer, guitarist, you should check SoundBetter. You can try the free version by adding your demo and upgrade to a premium account if you decide to boost your platform's profile.

17- Melody Nest

This platform is a freelance musician marketplace that you can use to connect with various employers since it's a new startup, and competition is not high on the platform. The good news is that the platform is entirely free. If you are working in the music industry and looking for a gig literally, you can check Melody Nest.

Freelance Testing Websites

18- Tester Work

It is the best way to earn money while testing apps. You can scroll down to many projects you can apply to. You can join the global community of Tester Work to make money in your free time. The platform provides many opportunities and jobs for fresh freelancers around the world. If you want to turn your free time into a significant income, learn more about the platform.


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