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Hire globally, comply locally with the Employer of Record services

Open up to new markets by expanding your talent force across borders without the expenses and bureaucratic burden of establishing a local entity. Rule your talent operations in any location just as if your organization holds a legal branch in the location of your choice.

Find, recruit and onboard talents compliantly

Hire remote employees and handle managing payroll in compliance with ever-changing local labor and tax regulations. Hand over the hard work of human resources to Ruul and rule your global employee operations.

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Pay talents flexibly in any currency

Set up, distribute and complete your payroll in all currencies as you work with global employees. Realize cross-currency payments with simple and secure payment features. Pay salaries individually or in bulk to any account with speed and ease.

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Store and track all talent information on one platform

Add employees and external talents to your dashboard and handle remote employee management from a single place. Find and track all about global hiring, agreements, benefits, expenses, time-off and paychecks on Ruul's all-in-one system for remote employee management.

Onboard your talents

Easier, error and risk free HR and finance admin with EOR

Have a better and much easier global talent acquisition, management and payroll processing experience that buys you time. Ease your admin tasks and enjoy global influence with no need for maintenance.

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    That’s incredible. This is a very convenient way of paying freelancers. It is very easy and really fast. Great service and support! I recommend it!

    Employer of Record (EOR) is the legal third-party entity handling employee related administration on behalf of your organization. It handles all recruitment and payroll processing for you at locations that your organization does not have a local entity.

    An Employer of Record hires talents fully compliantly with its network of entities distributed all over the world. Through comprehensive talent management software, it collects all employee data and documents on its single platform and realizes all processes related hiring and onboarding for your employees. With global Employer of Record services (EOR), you won’t have to worry about how to setup payroll across borders or how to pay employees in different countries.

    You can hire and work with global employees in any location.

    Please fill out the form above and contact our Compliance Team to get a quote for your organization.

    Using Ruul’s global Employer of Record (EoR) service, you can manage your global employee payouts from one place without worrying about the bureaucratic and financial burdens of establishing a local entity. You make your EOR fee payment to Ruul and Ruul runs the payroll covering all taxes and benefits once a month and distributes salary payments directly to employees’ bank account.

    You can pay Ruul in EUR and we can realize employee payouts in 140+ local currencies.

    Any questions? We are here to set it all straight.

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