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All you need for remote workforce management, in one place

Revolutionize your solo talent management processes. Rule freelancer management in compliance with Ruul's hiring and payment solutions made for the remote reality.

Find and onboard freelancing talents with ease

Discover, recruit and onboard solo talents working autonomously. Create job posts and let Ruul's smart marketplace feature Connect bring you the best matches among 50.000 freelancer candidates worldwide. Never worry about hiring the right remote talent for the job.

Add talents and discover options

Expand your influence across borders

Power up with free-standing talents with global experience. Run your business in different markets with the support of international freelancers. Hire, onboard and manage freelancers remotely with no hassle, using Ruul's modern talent management platform made for managing remote workforces.

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Work with your external talent force in B2B arrangement

Work with an array of domestic and global talents (i.e. freelancers, contractors, influencers and many more), and handle onboarding remote working solo talents with ease and compliance. Receive universally recognized invoices for freelancer payments and make secure payouts to talents.

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Pay your solo talents flexibly with Ruul’s high technology

Make single or bulk payments from your talent management dashboard. Pick your favorite currencies. Receive individual or consolidated invoices. Choose who will take on the service fee. Automate payouts for your convenience. Pay with credit card or bank transfer in all currencies to wherever your freelancer may be.

Pay talents universally

Save on HR and finance admin

Save time, money and resources by effortless remote talent management solutions. Spend less time on finding, hiring, onboarding, tracking, managing and paying freelancers. Enjoy a seamless remote workforce management experience.

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Enjoy safety while onboarding with Ruul’s verification checks

Let Ruul handle identification checks on each talent through automated AML and KYC processes. Safely ease through connecting with and onboarding verified freelancers.

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That’s incredible. This is a very convenient way of paying freelancers. It is very easy and really fast. Great service and support! I recommend it!

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    Yes, you can. Ruul has launched its new marketplace feature; Connect, through which you can create job posts by entering details regarding your talent needs. Our database of talents are then searched through according to the criteria you stated and you match with the right candidates. You can directly create postings on your user dashboard under the tab Connect in the main menu.

    You can either pay for an individual invoice by following the guest checkout URL your talent shares with you, or you can register to create a personalized invoicing and payment experience for getting the most out of all features. Simply sign up or login to view all data on your dashboard and pay in minutes.

    First, all talents go through our verification process and complete their onboarding. Since talents authorize Ruul as the reseller of their digital services, you buy the service from Ruul, provided by its "Subcontractor", who is a freestanding individual. When your invoice payment arrives in Ruul's accounts, you receive your commercial invoice automatically and the payout to the talent starts immediately to be completed in less than 24 hours.

    You can use Ruul's invoicing feature in any area where your solo talent provides a digital and remote service. Purchases of physical goods or services that require the service provider’s presence are not supported. Supported digital services include Web, Mobile & App Development, Design & Creative, Sales & Marketing, IT & Network Consultancy, Engineering & Architecture, Writing, Translation, Admin Support Data Science & Analytics and many more.

    As long as you are KYB verified and your solo talents are KYC verified, and unless neither party is located in a FATF blacklisted country, you can create invoices and pay out in the currency of your preference from any country, to any country.

    You can book a demo call by filling out this form, and a representative from our Sales Team will contact you as soon as possible.

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