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Bulk payment services for agile businesses

Ease through paying your independent contractors with Ruul's mass payout solutions. Pay at once for multiple talents with flexible, fast and secure payment solutions.

Pay out in the currency of your choice, receive your custom invoice

Choose from over 140 currencies to complete bulk payouts for your external talents. Receive customized individual invoices or a single consolidated invoice as you need.

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Keep talents from waiting with fast bulk payment processing

Complete your bulk payouts quickly with Ruul's speedy bulk payment services. Let your contractors receive payments in less than 24 hours after your invoice payment is complete.

Speed up your payments

Simplify financial admin with payout automation

Carry out bulk payments for contractors or freelancers, or send bulk payments to your employees to reduce financial admin. Speed up your payouts with automation features.

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Secure your digital payments with encrypted transactions

Expand your reach across borders without compromising safety. Make cross-currency payments with superior security measures via Ruul's trusted global payout partners.

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Pay with ease, with no surprise fees

Enjoy fixed currency and method-based commission fees for bulk payment services. Pay as you go, don't worry about subscription or membership fees and surprise costs.

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Great service and support!

Fabio Minuzzi

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That’s incredible. This is a very convenient way of paying freelancers. It is very easy and really fast. Great service and support! I recommend it!

Bulk Payment is a payment solution that we developed for businesses in need of paying multiple talents at once.

To use our bulk payment solutions, you just have to fill in a pre-formatted .xslx document including the details of your talents, payment and services, upload it to your dashboard and proceed to the payment page. After completing the payment, you'll immediately receive a consolidated invoice or individual invoices according to your preference. Please get in contact with our Support Team if you would like the Bulk Payment feature to be enabled for your business.

When you're working with tens, hundreds or maybe thousands of external talents, making bulk payments for contractors or freelancers can simplify your administrative processes and save a lot of time and effort.

You can make payouts for individual invoices by following the public URL of the invoice your talent shared, without having to log in. However, to create an invoice, to have an overview of all of your transactions, and to use our bulk payment services, you need to sign in to your dashboard.

Ruul is much more than a payment provider that you can just transfer money with. By using Ruul's invoicing and payment features, you can make payouts for invoices that are generated on the system either by you or the solo talents you work with. To put it simpler terms, you buy the digital services provided by talents from Ruul, receive the corresponding invoice and pay for your purchase on one platform. For global employee payments, you can use our payroll solution which is integrated with a whole experience of global hiring and talent management solutions.

As with all payments carried out via Ruul, your bulk payout to the talent starts immediately after your invoice payment arrives in Ruul's accounts. After that, the payout is completed within a single business day.

A consolidated invoice is a single invoice documenting multiple transactions at once, reducing the administrative burden of generating and tracking different invoices for every single purchase.

Select "I represent an organization" on the registration page, use a valid corporate e-mail address to sign up, and fill in the necessary information about your business. After your organization is verified, you can log in and manage legal agreements, invoices and remote workforce payments.

Any questions? We are here to set it all straight.

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