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Work autonomously with global companies from anywhere in the world. Introduce global Employer of Record services to your employer and set yourself free.

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Get employed by any company, embrace work autonomy

Join the payroll of global companies from anywhere, compliantly. Work from anywhere on your terms, enjoy career autonomy.

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Collect your salary with secure and simple payment features, receive cross-currency payments in over 140 global and local currencies. Get your earnings in your physical or virtual account with ease.

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Handle all HR processes with simplified principles

Onboard with ease and manage the details of your employment from a single platform. Request time-off, handle health insurance and benefits with the simplicity of a few clicks.

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Feeling lost or confused about Ruul's global payroll services? Explore our Support hub for answers and advice, safely navigate global employment.

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As a freelancer they are the best company with the best responses and help to invoice my clients. I take my money in one day. Thank you Ruul for everything.

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Michael Tigkiridis

Solo Talent

Want to work with a global company without comprimising your location-independence?

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    Ruul enables talents and organizations to work in compliance through custom work solutions and all-in-one services for remote work ranging from hiring/job finding to universally recognized invoices, legal agreements, cross-currency payments, global employment and compliance.

    By using our global Employer of Record services (EOR), your employer can hire you compliantly wherever you are located. To inform your employer about this global hiring option, drop their email address using the form above, and let them discover our solutions. Enjoy autonomy at work from anywhere in the world.

    By partnering up with the world's largest accounting and consultancy networks, including the Big Four, we make sure that both you and your employer remain compliant with local and global regulations with our remote work solutions and onboarding procedures.

    Employer of Record (EOR) is the legal third-party entity handling employee related administration on behalf of organizations. It handles all recruitment and payroll processing at locations that an organization does not have a local entity.

    An Employer of Record hires talents fully compliantly with its network of entities distributed all over the world. Through a comprehensive talent management software, it collects all employee data and documents on its single platform and realizes all processes related hiring and onboarding. With global Employer of Record services (EOR), organizations can hire remote employees located anywhere in the world in compliance with local labor laws.

    The first step is to sign up to Ruul as a talent, and have your employer sign up as an organization. Then, you need to complete the following steps to be fully onboarded:

    - Completing your ID verification steps
    - Authorizing Ruul by signing our User Agreement
    - Providing your banking information to receive your salary

    Please have your organizational contact reach our Compliance Team to get a quote.

    Yes, you can. Ruul has recently launched its marketplace feature, Connect through which talents are offered freelance or full-time jobs that match their profile criteria. If there is a posting that relates to your work field and experience level, you will be notified via email and be able to connect with your new client/employer.

    You can search through our support sections or contact our Support Team through Live Chat anytime to get prompt answers to all of your questions.

    Any questions? We are here to set it all straight.

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