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solo work made easy

Send easily-accountable B2B invoices to businesses, without setting up a company. Eliminate red-tape and get paid faster in multiple currencies.

No entity required

Ruul's transaction fees start at a competitive 2.75% per paid invoice, offering a cost-effective solution for freelancers. Xolo, while also offering competitive rates, has instances of hidden fees affecting overall cost.

Simplified compliance

Ruul's operations span over 190 countries, providing extensive global coverage. Xolo's reach, though significant, falls short in comparison, limiting its usability for freelancers residing in SEPA.

Get paid faster

Ruul ensures freelancers receive their payments swiftly, typically within 18 hours, helping maintain cash flow. Xolo, in comparison, has slower payout times and occasional delays.


No subscription or setup fees. Commission-based pricing upon usage.

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Complete KYC checks and authorize Ruul as your service reseller.

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Onboard businesses with ease, invoice them in a B2B arrangement.

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Get paid in 140+ currencies within 1 business day.


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