Global Payment Collection

Global Payment Collection Service for Freelancers in Turkey

Experience the ease of getting paid from businesses anywhere around the world. Start invoicing globally and receiving cross-border payments as a freelancer or independent contractor in Turkey.

Don’t let new regulations stop you from getting paid

Having trouble collecting your cross-border payments due to ever changing regulations? Embrace Ruul’s global payment infrastructure to streamline your payment collections.

Why choose Ruul for your global payment collections?

Explore the advantages of our secure and efficient solutions for freelancers, independent contractors and remote workers.

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It takes only a few steps to set up your account and start.

Fast payment collection

Accelerate payments with multiple payment options across 140+ currencies.

Get paid without entity

Invoice and collect payments globally without setting up a legal entity.

Low commission fees

Maximize your earnings with commission fees starting from just 2.75%.


Collect payments in 3 simple steps

Become a Ruuler

Set up your account, complete KYC process and authorize Ruul as your service reseller.

Issue an invoice

Invoice businesses from all around the world in the currency of your choice in a B2B arrangement.

Collect your payment

Receive your payment in the currency and the method of your choice within 1 business day.