Secure your work and payments

Set the basis of your business relationships with independent contractor agreements.


Secure your solo work and payments with independent contractor agreements

Create service contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to identify duties, responsibilities, and terms binding for you and your freelance client.

Non Disclosure Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement

Generate, share and store legal documents

Select from ready-to-use service agreements or NDA (non-disclosure agreement) templates and edit them with details of your freelance work. Send your legal agreements easily to your clients. Keep client data and legal documents on the same platform.


Avoid costs and expenses of legal services

Make use of work contract templates for free. Eliminate the risk of disputes and expenses that may arise by taking the right steps as early as it can be.

Ruul Contract Templates
Employment Contract

Get employed legally as a global employee

Sign your employment contract and become an employee with Ruul's global employment solution for those who want autonomy.


Employment made location-independent

Agree with your next employer without having to relocate. Work autonomously from your preferred location for companies that embrace the remote reality.

Location Independent Employment
Employment Contract

Terms set out according to your local position

Work with organizations with legal terms compliant with local hiring and payment regulations.

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This is a very convenient way of paying freelancers, it was easy and uncomplicated. Great service and support! I definitely recommend it!

Fabio Minuzzi

The Gate Music

Ruul enabled me to have easy access to the contractor invoices and handle payments efficiently. I’m also very happy with the way my inquiries were addressed.

Joanna Dworniczak

kyu Collective

Invoicing and payments are the most challenging parts of working with freelancers. Thanks to Ruul, we are able to solve these problems with their great products.

Tolga Turan


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire team at Ruul for providing us with outstanding service. Your dedication to meeting our needs was truly impressive.

Cristina J.


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