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We offer unique partnership opportunities that can help you earn extra income while making a positive impact on businesses and talents worldwide.

Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Program allows you to generate income by promoting Ruul's solutions to others. It's a hassle-free way to earn while also contributing to the improvement and modernization of the work dynamics of today. Every time someone you referred completes their transaction cycle on Ruul, you earn €25. It's that simple!

HR Affiliate Program

Our HR Affiliate Program is designed for Recruitment, Headhunting, and Talent Management professionals worldwide who are looking for ways to help their clients grow and succeed globally. Our comprehensive solutions for global hiring, talent management, payment, and compliance can help your clients scale their business and workforce globally. As Ruul's HR Affiliate, you'll earn 25 EUR per month for each user you refer who becomes a paid customer. Active users can generate up to 300 EUR annually.

Business Partner Program

Partner with Ruul to take your marketing and product impact to the next level. Our co-marketing program is specifically designed for companies with complementary products or services. By teaming up with us, you'll have the opportunity to expand your customer base. Let's work together to make a big impact in your industry. Join us today!

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