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10 digital nomad events you shouldn’t miss in 2022

Even though there are many upsides to working and traveling solo, the digital nomad lifestyle might be hard to adapt to. Digital nomads have the tendency to feel lonely in their line of work. Luckily, there’s a simple and fun solution to this feeling: Attending digital nomad events!

These activities, such as digital nomad retreats, conferences, workshops, etc., can significantly help improve the freelancer life. Keep reading this article to find out more about the best digital nomad events in 2022.

Why should you attend digital nomad events?

As a freelance working nomad, there can be many potential advantages of attending digital nomad events. For example, they can help you:

  • Socialize with like-minded people
  • Take a break from regular, standardized remote work
  • Experience new things and travel to new places
  • Polish your interpersonal and soft skills
  • Get a chance to promote your own work
  • Network with people in similar industries as yours
  • Prevent and fix remote work burnout
  • Gain insights and tips from fellow nomads
  • Be a part of the larger digital nomad community

Since there are so many different potential benefits, choosing a nomad travel event to attend is an important decision. It should meet your needs and expectations on what a nomad event needs to be like.

To help kick off your journey, make sure to examine our list of examples down below!

10 top digital nomad events in 2022

When considering the best places for digital nomads, there are a wide variety of choices available. From informative panels and workshops to yoga retreats, here are the top 10 digital nomad events to inspire you and further your freelance career:


7in7 Digital Nomad Conference

With the slogan of “7 conferences, 7 years, 7 continents”, 7in7 is a collective 7-year organization plan, currently taking applications for its fifth year. They’ve even started to take action for their final conference set to take place in Antarctica!

Designed to carry your freelancing career forward, each year’s 7in7 conference has a full week’s worth of speeches, workshops, volunteering opportunities, and more. It is a full-fledged experience designed to improve and promote nomad life. This year, they are hoping to have around 70 people in attendance (including the speakers) in a joint coworking space in Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal.

Keep in mind that 7in7 is targeted towards those who have been a part of the digital nomad community for a while. This way, it aims to create a small, tight body of experienced working nomads that can help, support, and inspire each other.


September 7-13, 2022 


Montréal, Canada (this year only) 


$599 for all 7 days, including two days of workshops and 1 day of touristing in the city. There is also an offer of a 10% discount for society members and scholarship opportunities if you choose to apply. 

Unsettled Retreats

The second on our list of digital nomad events are the trips and retreats organized by Unsettled. Their wide range of sportive activities range from trekking to sailing.

There’s no denying that, first and foremost, digital nomad communities want internet. Unsettled aims to move beyond this genre of events and create a different type of adventure. Which is why they are set in places where you are meant to disconnect from your screen, and instead connect with your community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

With many different activities, time durations, and locations to choose from, the diverse range offered by Unsettled creates a perfect opportunity for those working remotely to gain new experiences.

You can check out their website and learn more about the details of events that particularly interest you.


There are 9 upcoming trips available until December of this year, which last either 1 week, 2 weeks, or up to a month.   


Each Unsettled event takes place in different locations, ranging from Machu Picchu to Argentina.  


The cheapest event (a 14-day Bali retreat) starts from ​​$1950. On the other end is the most expensive option, which is a one-month trip to Argentina, starting from $3650.

Flaks Kite and Yoga Retreat for Entrepreneurs

Taking place in one of the top kitesurfing locations in the world, the Kite and Yoga Retreat for Sporty Entrepreneurs by Flaks is a unique event for digital nomads.

Their official website describes this event, which will be the 10th official one organized by Flaks, as “a networking event for sporty entrepreneurs to learn from each other, boost business, enjoy Spanish vibes and make new friends while practising kitesurfing and yoga”. In short, it’s a perfect combination of the best parts nomad living can offer.


August 27 – September 3, 2022 


Tarifa, Spain 


€997 for a shared room until the 31st of July, which later bumps up to €1500 if you book at the last minute in August. 


Please keep in mind that you will have to pay extra for kitesurfing lessons if you’re new to it. Yoga lessons are also not included in the price package (which will add up to around €15/hour). 

Controforma + Nomad Train Trans-Siberian Illustration and Art Course

Among all digital nomad events, one of the most distinctive are the art-focused events created by Controforma.

Designed for working nomads with illustrative experience, this trip is a great chance to improve your artistic skills and learn more about Russian art history, all the while being part of a unique journey. You will have the chance to travel by train across 5 Russian cities and spend the night at hotels in between stops.

The event itself will include illustration and art history courses, on-site practices in different cities, and a specialization on Russian art. At the end of the trip, all content created by the attendees will be joined to create an illustrated book about traveling across Russia.


August 20 – September 1, 2022 


5 cities in Russia (Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, and Ulan-Ude)


€1900, including a 1-day trip at the Baikal Lake, as well as all accommodation and train tickets. A two-person package comes at a discounted price of €3600.

Hacker Paradise

For people that lean more towards the tech industry, digital nomad events by Hacker Paradise can be a huge opportunity to improve your skills and meet others in the freelance world at once.

The process has exceptional flexibility, designed to accommodate all your needs. This way, you can sign up and join the journey at any time and place that suits you.

The payment package includes accommodation, coworking spaces, professional and personal growth opportunities themed around each event’s topic, as well as the chance to join their robust alumni community. It’s a perfect digital nomad retreat and a great getaway opportunity.


The nearest trip out of the 7 available for this year starts on July 24, with the latest being on the 23rd of October.


A range of touristic places including Bali, Buenos Aires, and even Kilifi (Kenya). 


Depends on the location of the trip, and how long you want to stay. 


For example, for the nearest trip (Bali), 2 weeks costs $1650, a month costs $2290, and the price of staying between 3-12 months ranges between $2190-$1890.  


It’s also stated that sharing accommodation with others will be cheaper if you choose to do so. 

Nomad Island Fest

Nomad Island Fest is a yearly retreat for location-independent working nomads. They work with well renowned organizations like Microsoft, Apple, and Nike to bring you the best events possible.

This year’s event is a 1-week stay in Portugal that includes a spa resort accommodation, a shared coworking space, daily interactive workshops and exercise programs, and more.

According to many reviews, it’s a great place to network to find potential business partners, consultants, and even perhaps future clients. This is mainly because they’re highly selective when it comes to attendees: You have to fill out an application and then attend a video interview before you can get approved for payment. This creates a high profile demographic that is almost certain to benefit your digital nomad lifestyle.


December 1 – 7, 2022 


Madeira Island, Portugal 


If you only choose to attend the event (with no accommodation), the price is listed as €899. A twin-shared room costs €1849, while a private room is €2475. 


You can get a major discount on shared rooms if you bring a friend who’s never been to Nomad Island Fest before. Members also have the opportunity to get a 20% discount. 

Cowork Paradise Business Mastermind Retreats

This organization by Business Mastermind is mainly to create coworking opportunities in a new setting, surrounded by new people. It can be the perfect option to get away from your monotonous home life and put an end to your slump.

One potential downside is that you have to be running a company with a certain revenue level to apply. However, they also offer Open Mastermind events for solopreneurs of all levels, so keep an eye on their website for when they announce new dates.


September 10 – 17, 2022 





Women in Travel Summit (WITS)

WITS aims to encourage gender diversity in entrepreneurship, and provide women in the industry with a place to connect and grow together.

This year’s Europe event is in Poland, and will provide local guidance, industry-related workshops and sessions, and many other networking opportunities. It’s a short and sweet event that places importance on the hands-on experience it provides.


October 7 – 9, 2022 


Gdansk, Poland 


€199 for creators (accommodation not included)

Repeople Conference

Known as Europe’s largest remote work conference, Repeople is a unique opportunity to attend talks about remote work, innovation, leadership, and more. There are also many bonding events and panels from leading experts included.

Repeople’s 2022 conference for digital nomads will take place in November 2022, but no other details are revealed as of yet. If you’re interested in joining, it’s best if you stay up to date with their official website to learn more.


November 2022 





Digital Nomad Conference Switzerland

Last but not least is the organization called Digitale Nomaden Schweiz, or the Digital Nomads Switzerland. This is a one-day conference that will feature keynote speakers on various subjects surrounding freelancing.

You’ll also have the option to connect through Zoom, so you don’t even have to worry about accommodation.


October 1, 2022 


Bern, Switzerland 


The online ticket is €11.31, while the face-to-face ticket comes up to around €104.13. 


Becoming a member of their organization will save you 50% for the second option. 

It’s time to take action!

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of digital nomad events and reviewed our list of the best places for digital nomads to travel to, it’s time to take the leap and register for an event. These retreats can be the one thing you’re missing to boost your skills, network with like-minded professionals, or be part of a unique relaxing experience. Make sure you’re choosing the right event (or events) that fits your work schedule and meets your expectations. Have a nice trip!

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