July 5, 2022

6 best cities for digital nomads to socialize, live and work

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Leon Cordier

With the help of contemporary digital technologies, it’s now possible to live and work remotely from wherever you want. Whereas some work hybridly from different office locations such as their company headquarter, home or a café close by, some take a step further and choose to live a nomadic life that entails traveling from place to place, enjoying the fruits of traveling, and experiencing different cultures from around the world. We call this phenomenon “digital nomadism”.Working nomads are regularly on the move, and just like moving from school to school as a kid, that might make it harder for them to socialize. Thankfully there are some cities that not only attract digital nomads but also actively encourage the development of nomad communities that makes it easier for you to mingle with like-minded people. This list is composed of some of the best cities for working nomads to socialize, live and work from across the globe.

Best places where digital nomads can come together

We have prepared a list of cities selected from different parts of the globe that we think make for excellent places to live, work and socialize. Some parameters we have taken into account are the amenities that make a place accessible for freelancers to live and work such as:

  • the atmosphere
  • coworking spaces
  • basic logistics like finding housing

We also reviewed how easy it is for talents to apply for a freelancer visa, or if the countries have digital nomad visas available.Here is a comprehensive list of reasons why these places should be on your radar if you’re living a digital nomad lifestyle.

Prague, Czechia

Prague is not only one of the best cities in Europe to visit, but it also happens to be one of the best cities for digital nomads to live and work. It is a beautiful city with striking monuments like the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. It has a large international community, and a thriving nightlife. You also can take time to enjoy stunning vistas like Krkonoše National Park, so you’ll never be short of things to do.Prague hosts many places for solo talents to work from. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the city's many cafes condensed in Prague’s beautiful old town. If cafes aren’t your thing then there are plenty of coworking spaces like Locus Workspace that offer affordable rates for an environment catered to international working nomads.Arguably, one of the best aspects of living in Prague is that despite all its wonders, it doesn’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. Depending on your lifestyle or expectations you can find reasonably priced accommodations and afford a comfortable lifestyle. You can be assured that you will be living in one of the best cities in Europe for a fraction of the cost compared to other cities.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the jewel on the Danube and a beautiful city with much to offer. Budapest offers beautiful sights like the Buda Castle, thermal baths, and so much more. It is also in close proximity to the beautiful natural scenery around Hungary such as the Carpathian Mountains and Lake Balaton. Budapest is also an international city that hosts a vibrant and diverse community.Hungary is a perfect place for freelancing as it has plenty of spaces for you to work. You can sit in cafes along the Danube while you do your work. There are also coworking spaces like Muse Budapest and Kaptár Coworking that provide you with diverse environments with all the amenities that one can need. You’ll never be short of great places to work as long as you stay in Budapest.The costs of living in Budapest have increased in recent years as it attracted more investors and foreigners looking to stay there. However, it is still one of the most affordable cities in Europe to live in, especially if you earn euros or American dollars. For further information, you can compare and contrast the cost of living to other major cities.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the best places to be if you are a digital nomad in Europe. Lisbon is a beautiful coastal city with charming vistas and both a vivacious and laid back atmosphere. Go there to listen to fado while enjoying fresh seafood or see sights like the Belem Tower. For those who enjoy the outdoors, it offers serene hiking trails along the coast or in its mountains to fill your thirst for adventure.Lisbon has plenty of workspaces that you can find across the city. You can use the app, Letswork, to access 35 coworking, cafes, meeting rooms, and other workspaces in Lisbon.Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe for digital nomads because it is one of the countries that has gone out of its way to create visas especially designed for working nomads. The digital nomad village of Madeira is a result of this, a village populated by traveling freelance workers, founded by remote work consultant Gonçalo Hall. Besides this, Lisbon is very affordable to live in, giving you a great value for your money considering all the amazing things Portugal has to offer.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is a gem that can be found on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline. Spain’s third most populated city and one of the busiest ports in Europe, Valencia is a bustling city. Be sure to see the celebration of the feast of St Joseph, Las Fallas in early March and enjoy the city's beautiful coastline and beaches. Greater Spain has a beautiful and diverse landscape that will provide you with all the outdoor thrills you could wish for.Valencia is another city where Letswork is available for digital nomads’ convenience. So, you can use it to find the best working spaces that provide you with what you need to be productive. You’ll find plenty of options throughout Valencia whether they be cafes, coworking spaces, or whatever else you need.Spain is another country that sees freelancing as something that should be encouraged, offering solo workers special freelancing visas that help promote their solo businesses. Spain gives you all the benefits of other EU countries as well as a generally affordable cost of living, and a special tax legislation for digital nomads. So, if you are looking to work and stay in Spain, be sure to check out Valencia.

Canggu, Indonesia

Canggu is a small town located on the southern coast of Bali. Yes, that Bali, which is a tropical paradise complete with coral reefs, idyllic beaches/coastline, and so much more. Canggu is emerging as a go-to destination for remote work as more people realize that how we live and work is looking to get only more flexible. While Canggu doesn’t have the impressive infrastructure of the more established cities on this list, it does have plenty of cafes that you can make into your workspace. Besides that, as long as you have a strong enough and reliable Wi-Fi connection, you can turn anywhere into your workspace. This includes the place you’re renting or a beachside cafe.Indonesia has great visa options for those who do solo work. The freelance visa they offer is simple and straightforward to apply for and covers a wide range of professions. Moreover, once you get to Bali, you can take advantage of the currency exchange rate if you are earning euros or American dollars and enjoy a comfortable range of living. You can find groups and communities on social media that can help you get settled in on your new island home.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is the capital and the largest city in Thailand as well as a sprawling city of more than 10 million people. As the most important city in the country, it features works of monumental architecture and cultural histories like Wat Arun, an almost infamous nightlife, and everything in between. Thailand features many national parks that display the country's rich and varied biodiversity and scenic landscapes.Bangkok has grown rapidly over the past few decades into a truly global hub, so it stands to reason that you’ll be able to find no shortage of places to work. Thailand has realized that it has the potential to be a prime destination for nomad travel and has taken steps to encourage the development of workspaces like S64 Coworking Space or working cafes.To be able to work in Thailand you’ll need both a visa and a work permit which has in the past proven to be a bit of a challenge to navigate. However, recent immigration reforms promise to streamline this process into something much simpler, creating a digital nomad visa. And, like in Indonesia, USD and EUR go a long way in Bangkok, making it easier to have a comfortable lifestyle.

Living your nomad life

As remote work becomes wider-spread, countries become more interconnected, and attitudes toward workspaces change, the life of a digital nomad seems to be more accessible every day. Nomad travel is being actively encouraged by several countries around the world that see freelancers as valuable additions to their economies and community. And as more people travel, we see the creation of new nomad communities spring up.We hope this list of the best countries for digital nomads to socialize, live, and work helps inspire you to seriously consider the nomad life as viable. You’ll find so many interesting people and sights and have so many enriching experiences. Follow our blog for more tips and guides to help you along your solo work journey and empower you to live your best digital nomad life.


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